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Why Eyeweb Safety Glasses Are Considered Best for Safe Vision?

Why Eyeweb Safety Glasses Are Considered Best for Safe Vision?

Many people prefer style in choosing safety eyewear. Eyeweb has a collection of safety eyewear that is according to current fashion. So wearing these safety glasses, not only helps to protect your eyes but helps it look good. With an extensive variety of frame colors and lens colors, you will find the right eyewear for you. Now choose any protective eyewear that fills your need in the Eyeweb collection. There is a huge collection of branded safety glasses.

Eyes Protection:

Eyes are the windows of our souls. It becomes unbearable to imagine a world like a room that has no window to explore the beautiful world. Well, a sad fact is that many people lose their eyesight at their workplace. its average cost of injuries per day is $3600. Above all considered things makes sense that eyes should be protected through proper eyewear.

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Well, eyes are naturally protected through a hollow eye socket. There are some modern-day hazards in the world and we need little added protection. Some common workplace hazards are here,

  • Dust
  • Chemical splashes
  • Fogging
  • Electrical hazard
  • Impact
  • Heat
  • UV radiation
  • Welding
  • Strong winds
  • Swinging objects
  • Falling objects

All Eyeweb safety eyewear frames and lenses exceed the ANSI standards that are distinguished between two impact levels. The basic impact is indicated with Z87 and high impact is indicated with Z87+. These standards protect eyes against hazardous conditions.

Eyeweb has a mission to protect the natural jewel that is blessed by birth. Our safety optical protects eyes from countless dangers in a hazardous working environment. Do you know, why Eyeweb has different styles, features, and different lens options? This is because people want fresh, new, and updated eyewear. People wait for new styles of eyewear after two years.

We have safety eyewear in a variety of lenses for prescription safety glasses that are not decorative but also enhance the worker's vision. The portion of visible light that passes through lenses will affect vision.


How Tinted Lenses Help for Visible Light Transmission:

Visible light that is entered into the eyes is a lens that is a very important medium for light. A clear lens should block 85 to 100% UV block. 


  • Light transmission through clear lenses:

The remainder light is blocked by the coating. A clear lens offers excellent optical protection. It is most popular across all industries as it allows most of the light to pass to the lens. It does not distort the visible color spectrum. It tends to absorb 99.9% visible light. 3m Pentax dp720 safety glasses are available with clear lenses for all prescriptions.

  • Amber with 80% light transmission:

This color is excellent for contrast enhancement, especially in a low-light situation.

  • Light blue with 68% light transmission:

This color helps to reduce glare from artificial light like fluorescent and halogens.

  • Orange with 57% light transmission:

This color reduces eye fatigue and enhances visual contrast for depth perception. It is a perfect choice for indoor and little light conditions. 

  • Grey with 13% light transmission:

It reduces the quantity of light that passes by lenses. It helps to reduce eyestrain and fatigue that is caused by glare at construction or outdoor places.


Safety Eyewear with UV Transmission:

Sunlight hurts the skin like skin cancer and skin aging etc. The sunlight that is reached on Earth is divided into three different categories according to their harmful effect. 3m safety glasses zt200 deliver 100% protection against harmful rays.


  • UVC is completely absorbed through Ozone so we need not worry about these rays.
  • UVB mostly affects the outer layer of skin and the primary cause is sunburn.
  • UVA has major contributions to skin damage. This ray penetrates deeply into the skin and causes serious damage.


Hazards are minor but have lots of loss of eyes. The best way to protect the eyes is by the best safety eyewear and always seeing the beautiful world with the blessing of eyes. 

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