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How Can You Fix Your Bend Glasses Quickly?

How Can You Fix Your Bend Glasses Quickly?

It can happen to us much time that as you put your prescription safety glasses down just for a minute and heard a crunch sound. Whether you sit over there, step on them, or your kid gets damaged your glasses. Don’t upset and still no need to order for a new pair of eyewear. Everything is in your hand if you love your eyeglasses. There is a number of ways to fix them and now get ready how to fix your eyeglasses. Bent eyewear can be easily unbent. It takes some patience and time. Eyeglasses are an investment for eyes and you cannot throw them in the garbage. Although a defect less pair is ideal it can create more trouble and money. If you are more interested in full-DIY, here are useful tips that how can you straighten your bent glasses.

Figure out what things you need for fixing?

The first considered thing is to mention that place where your glasses have kink some time it is certain to place. You would feel that your RX safety glasses are a misfit on your face but cannot understand where the problem is. There is a simple solution for this defect. Put your glasses in the flat surface like a table and inspect which side is up. Take note of that place because this is the point that you need to fix it.

Easy does it:

Before setting, figure out how can you fix your bent safety eyewear and make sure, you know the problem that you are handling. While depending on the glasses, meaning if they have some prescription, you have to pretty penny cost. Now be ready for yourself that you are going to fix your eyewear. Keep in mind some things.

  • Be gentle and avoid excessive force.
  • Don’t apply much pressure.
  • Avoid jerky movements.
  • Depends on frames whether it is plastic or metal frame, mostly the frames are corrected from the nose part.

How to fix metal frames?

For fixing prescription safety glasses frames in metal material, you need two things.

  • Soft-tipped pliers
  • A thin cloth piece

Now try these steps for fixing them.

  • Put a soft cloth over the specs to prevent them from any damaging.
  • The cloth piece should be unwrinkled so you can see well.
  • Place the angle of pliers over the best part of the frames.
  • Hold them very carefully but not put much pressure while adjusting your glasses.
  • After this step, note them have they fitted properly, if not apply the same method of straightening as required.

How to handle the plastic frame?

Mostly eyewear retailers when handle with plastic frames, use a box with warm sand. This thing provides heat to the plastic frame without melting. If you have warm sand, you can do it by yourself but many people don’t take a risk. So follow these instructions for fixing.

  • Fill a bowl with warm water and make sure the temperature should not be too much because it will be enough for damaging them.
  • After giving sufficient heat, the specs will be little fragile.
  • Hold the specs straight in the direction of your thumb, apply a little pressure over them.
  • After some work, note if they have become straight otherwise try again.

If still, you haven’t got a perfect result, you can order online prescription eyewear of any brands if have some budget.

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