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How Many Types of Lenses for Computer Glasses

How Many Types of Lenses for Computer Glasses

There are the following types of lenses used in computer eyeglasses.

Single Vision:

These are the simplest type of computer glasses. The lenses are made for seeing the computer screen and provide the largest area for viewing. Adults and children enjoy wearing these glasses because they provide an obstructing free view. These glasses give blurred images for distant and closer objects except the computer screen.

Flat-Top Bifocals:

These lenses are the same as bifocals, as some people wear them for near and far distances. The upper half of the lens is designed for the monitor view and the lower half is for reading text on the screen. These lenses have a visible line that represents the two focusing segments. These glasses give a comfortable view of a computer screen. However, these glasses give you a blurred image of objects while you are not working on a computer screen. Always use Branded Safety Glasses for computer glasses.

Variable Focus:

Some eye care professionals are called computer progressive lenses. These multifocal progressive lenses have no visible line. These are more task-focusing glasses. Its upper part is for focusing on distant objects and a wide intermediate for the monitor. The lower part of these glasses is for close objects. These glasses give normal vision because of no visible line. UVEX Safety Glasses are available in computer progressive lenses eyewear.

What Computer Glasses Do:

If you feel any symptoms of CVS, a pair of computer glasses can give you the best advantage. The lenses of computer glasses are made for the full focus of a computer screen. So, you do not need to tilt your head to focus on the computer screen. Eyes are too much involved in focusing on computer work. Standard glasses cannot give you a clear focus. They cannot alleviate the symptoms of CVS as for text we need close focus. Computer glasses help you to focus on text reading. Many brands are offering Safety Eyewear Frames for all types of computer lenses.

Contact lens user also needs computer glasses over contact lenses. They give them a sharp vision. Computer vision syndrome is not related to age, as it can happen to anyone. If you are using the computer constantly for a long time, CVS symptoms will appear after some periods. It has become a common problem with all age people. A small corrected vision problem can happen even if you spend more than four hours on computers. 3m a2500 safety glasses are perfect for computer screen view.

How Can You Get Computer Glasses:

An optometrist can guide you accurately by giving the prescription. You should take a deep look at your workplace before going to an eye doctor. You should measure the distance between your monitor from your position. This setup will help the optometrist to write an appropriate prescription. You should pay attention to light as well. Most offices use bright light that can cause eyestrain. You must select glasses with AR coating. An AR-coated lens will help you to remove glare and reflect light that can reach your eyes. You can get by Online RX Eyeglasses of any brand.

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