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How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy for Perfect Vision?

How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy for Perfect Vision?

Don’t take your vision for granted. Your eyes are one of the greatest blessings nature has given you. We have advanced much in science but still, there is no reason to compromise on your eyes. There are many ways to keep your eyes safe such as wearing  Safety Eyewear Frames along with other simple techniques. The following easy steps will help you keep your eyes healthy and safe from harm.


Eat Healthy Food

The food that comes on your plate affects your eyes. Eating foods that contain vitamins C and E are scientifically proven to keep your eyes in good health. Also, foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, lutein, and vitamins also help to keep off age related problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts. The following foods are known to provide you with the necessary nutrients.


  •          Vegetables with green leaves such as spinach, kale, cabbage, and collards.
  •          Oily fish, because it is rich in Omega 3. Salmon and tuna are known to be the best for the purpose.
  •          Protein sources such as nuts, beans and eggs.
  •          Citrus juices and fruits. Oranges and lemons are high in vitamin C.
  •          Oysters and even milk is good for the eyes but if you have allergies with dairy products, consult your doctor.


Eating a well-balanced diet will keep your eyes and body on the whole, healthy and fit. It will also help you control weight which is a huge problem for most of us. With lower chances of obesity and diabetes, you can stay safe from age related blindness.


Work Safety

Your job related duties have a great impact on your health. Your eyes are affected too. People who work on computers for average seven hours a day are at a greater risk of eye related problems. Studies reveal that when you are focused in some work or activity, you blink less often. Blinking causes the tears on the eyes to spread evenly. It helps to stay moist but when eyes aren’t blinked often, the eyes dry out and you can feel irritation. Here are some necessary steps to ensure in your daily routine.


  •          Blink more often. Keep your eyes moist to avoid irritation and burning sensation.
  •          Wear 3M Branded Safety Eyeglasses. You must protect your eyes from all potential hazards at work place.
  •          Use special coatings for your eyeglasses such as blue light protection and UV protection.
  •          Use frames that fit you properly. Lenses are designed to provide perfect vision from the center. If the frame doesn’t fit the center gets out and you don’t see very well.


There are many eye risks present at the work place. In the peaceful offices, the electronic devices and computer screens emit blue light rays. The invisible light rays having short wavelengths possess high energy that can damage the eyes and cause problems. Also, wielders and construction site workers face more threats towards their eye safety. The glare, flying particles of concrete and saw dust, and while working outside they endure UV light, creates greater risk of getting their eyes damaged. The only way to provide protection is with the ANSI Safety Glasses.

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