How to Remove Titmus Safety Glasses Side Shields?

How to Remove Titmus Safety Glasses Side Shields?


The Titmus company was established in 1908. The company aims to provide its customers with prescription safety glasses. The company is also responsible for developing the vision screener which is a portable instrument used for the evaluation of basic visual function.


Safety Standards:

All Rx safety glasses of Titmus company meet the safety standard that is developed by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and European Committee (CE). The Titmus company has its testing laboratory that makes sure all eyewear frames exceed the ANSI Z87.1 standard. Titmus safety glasses are known as quality products and are provided all over the world who need prescription eyeglasses.








What are the Prescription Safety Glasses?

Prescription eyewear is designed to provide better safety to your eyes in your all-working set. Furthermore, they protect eyes from tiny flying particles that can fly into the eyes and can hurt severely. Safety eyewear provides safety from dust, heat, powder chemicals, and optical radiation that are present in the working area. Apart from this, safety specs are highly affordable for all workers and can be worn in indoor and outdoor places. The safety specs are available for all ranges of power from single to progressive polycarbonate lenses. The Titmus company also offers side shields for prescription eyewear but you will have to purchase it separately.


What are Side Shields:

All prescription eyewear that is needed to wear at your workplace is ANSI safety glasses standard. Some certain work needs specific side shields that are fitted with glasses for eye protection from the side-eyes area. The side shield is like a plastic piece that is attached to the glasses that protect your eyes from any injury. Employers need to follow the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's instructions about safety specs. Different jobs have different safety requirements and therefore different side shields are required. Some eyewear comes with attached and some eyewear is available with removable side shields. Removable side shields can be removed easily but care is essential while removing them from the glasses.


How to Remove Side Shields from Eyeglasses?

First of all, hold the frame with strong hands. For removing side shields, begin with the right temple. Open the temple and hold the side shield firmly from top to bottom. Put a light pressure, slide the shield down to the temple length, and off at the end. Repeat the same procedure with the left side shield.

If the side shields ate fixed with screws, keep the frame on the side with the temple, open it, and expose the screw. But first, cover your lenses with a soft towel to keep away from scratching. Loose the screw slowly by turning to the left side and taking off the side shield. Repeat the same method with the other side.




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Remove a Snap-On side shield by grasping the frame firmly. First, open the right temple put pressure gently, and bend the side shield from top to bottom with a wiggling motion. If still, the side shield does not come off, slightly down the temple and take away from the frame with wiggling and bending options.

Don’t take off the side shields that are attached permanently with a bolt, pin, or clip. Such a safety side shield is not for removal because removing style can damage the frame and is not good for safety glasses.



The side shields with Snap-On need numerous attempts to be removed. If the side shield doesn’t remove the first time, keep it sliding down the temple and rock it back. Keep it up until it starts to come off.


Don’t try to take off side shields from your protective eyewear if you have to wear them all the time at your duty time. OSHA recommends safety specs for both employers and employees even if you don’t need safety equipment.

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