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Importance of Safety Eyewear Glasses

Importance of Safety Eyewear Glasses

Each year, almost 2.4 million eye injuries happen in the U.S and it occurs at the workplace both in and outside. It is assessed that approximately 50,000 victims lost their eyesight to some extent. American Academy of Ophthalmology stated that 90 % of eye injuries were preventable by wearing safety eyewear glasses. Most of the injuries were occurred while playing, at home and at work as well.

Safety specs are the first and leading kinds of protection against injuries. In many U.S industries, it is legally essential but along this awareness is also necessary. Protective specs can defend against minor eye injuries as corneal abrasions. They help to prevent them from serious as internal bleeding, retinal detachment, and permanent blindness. 


  • At work:

Eye threat exists in many workplaces and many common injuries are triggered by objects, like dust, glass. Hence 60% of eye injuries happen in the place of construction, manufacturing, or trade objects. These are also common in hospitals, offices, and Laborites. The main reason for injuries is that three out of five victims had wrong safety optical glasses or most of them have not.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ordered that safety eyewear for workplaces fulfills the safety standards through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Certain kinds of safety specs are for different purposes. Main types of protective glasses include.


  • Prescription safety glasses or non-prescription:

Most of them are widely used for protection against chips, dust, and flying particles. Wraparound style and side shields glasses offer extra protection against many dangers in the sideline. Safety lenses are also available in numerous materials but polycarbonate is most effective because of their power resistance. Safety frames glasses are sturdier and look like regular eyewear, therefore, they are available in a variety of features. 


  • Goggles:

Goggles provide protection against many hazards around the eyes including dust and chemical splashes. Goggles can wear over regular glasses for extra safety.


  • Face shields and helmets:

Generally, face shields are worn for working with welding or molten materials and they protect from heat. You can get your favorite pair easily at eyeweb.com.


  • At home:

An eye injury can occur even in the outside work setting particularly at home. Generally, home eye injuries occur more than outside work station. While because of awareness, still, 35%peole wear safety eyewear during working at home. The AAO suggest that every household should have at least one pair of ANSI safety glasses for home use. They shield from elements like sparks, dust, flying bits of metal or wood that can severely hurt your eyes. 


  • At play:

Another common setting for eye injuries is the sport filed, near about 40,000 emergency room are visited every year. Eye injuries can happen in any sports fields but these are more common in racquet and baseball sports. In this field, flying objects come at high speed and quickly contact with eyes and hurt them. Safety glasses like 3M safety glasses are very essential in paintball. Avoid taking off your safety helmet while playing in the ground.

The eyes are the most delicate and complex organ from our body. Don’t notice and specify them for any specific activities. Protective specs can significantly lower the risk of eye injury. You can get additional information through these articles.


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