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OnGuard Safety Glasses

Looking for top-notch industrial eyewear online? OnGuard Safety Glasses come with protective features that simply cannot be rivaled by any other eyewear provider. Eyeweb hosts a fantastic range of OnGuard protective eyeglasses that you’ll find visually & functionally appealing at the same time.

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Onguard 210


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Onguard Safety Glasses

Wearing Onguard safety glasses you always feel confident because if having your eyes protected from all sorts of harm. The wide variety of designs and styles ensure there’s a style available for every kind of work in any type of environment. All designs are ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified and available in various lens tints. When we talk about safety at work, there is no compromise on Safety Glasses. Construction sites are considered to be the most dangerous places because of all the heavy machinery and the commotion surrounding it. However, almost 1000 American workers suffer eye injury daily who aren’t involved with construction sites.


Workers with poor vision or who require vision rectification must choose RX Safety Glasses. Onguard frames such as the Onguard OG240S are completely customizable. You can have the regular lenses removed and your prescribed lenses will be fitted. All you have to do is provide proper instructions and your prescription. When browsing through our collection of prescription safety glasses remember that we have the largest stock of customizable frames. When you select a frame that suits your appearance and your job’s safety requirements, attach your prescription for us. We’ll take care of the rest and provide you immaculate eyeglasses as per your choice.


Online Safety Glasses aren’t too difficult to buy. You just have to understand the flow of the website. Making a purchase at EYEWEB is a piece of cake because we have the perfect mechanism to help you navigate without feeling lost. Make sure you try on your selected frame using our special feature to see how they look on you. Our collection of Prescription Safety Glasses is huge so you get an unlimited choice. Even if you do not work in a dangerous site, but require passing by it, we recommend you use eye protection always. You never know when a shard of glass or a broken nail may come flying out of nowhere.


Designer safety glasses provide excellent eye protection without you looking like a scuba diver. You can choose from a variety of frame colors, lens tints and shapes to match your personality. Wearing the OnGuard 220S you can have a sporty look while staying protected with advanced lens coating for added safety. Safety Glasses Prescription can be uploaded when ordering your choice of frame. We have a special feature where you can provide it as an image for the least hassles. Just take a picture of the prescription from your phone’s camera and then upload it using our special feature. It will reach our inbox with complete specifications.


Prescription safety glasses near me can be found on the map in your smartphone as we are available 24/7. At EYEWEB you can find the best brands at competitive prices. Check out our collection of the latest models from the world’s best designers. If you face any difficulty do not hesitate to connect with our sale rep anytime. Wearing Glasses Online is a must for people working with chemicals. The hazardous fumes emitting can be fatal to the retina. In many cases, affected people weren’t wearing eye protection or they weren’t wearing adequate protection. To avoid vision loss or any kind of infection, keep your eyes covered at all costs.


Safety Eyewear Frames today are designed to reflect your flair rather than make you look like a nerd. There’s no need to look like a tortoise sticking his head of a shell. Besides looking cool and protected, the glasses are thoroughly tested to withstand all kinds of pressure before going on sale.


Prescription Safety Eyewear can be ordered at EYEWEB. You can choose from all the latest available designs offered by Onguard safety frames. Onguard is a leading name in safety goggles with years of successful protective designs suitable for all environments. Tell us your lens preferences and we’ll deliver it in a jiffy. Safety Eyewear Frames for men and women have no discretion because everyone needs equal safety. However, the variation of colors may attract you to choose a frame that matches your face shape. We also have special designs for the kids however we advise you to keep your children away from dangerous sites.


If you are planning to visit a construction site or getting your home rebuilt, order your prescription safety eyeglasses before the work has started. Enhance protection by topping up the lenses with an extra hard coating and use tints to block out bright lights. You can have your brand new glasses at your doorstep within 14 working days.


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