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The Best Mirror Sunglasses to Wear in 2024

The Best Mirror Sunglasses to Wear in 2024

You may have seen sunglasses that offer a crystal clear reflection on the lens surface, better known as mirror sunglasses. This is done via a lens solution that is built out of complex coatings that prevent glare & offer a maximum amount of protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays from direct sunlight. This article discusses some of the best Wiley X Safety Eyeglasses with cutting-edge lens coatings that give you the best ‘mirrored’ experience on the go.


Wiley X ACE

Wiley X Ace is a treat for sportsmen & outdoor recreationists who love spending time out in the wild. You get tons of features that make these sports sunglasses an ideal eye accessory to keep your eyes protected & give you the sharp look that every athlete wants.

You get two lens color options with this one; polarized emerald & Venice gold mirror lenses, with each color having its light transmission levels suitable to cater to different light conditions. Wiley X‘s pioneering polarized lens technology helps achieve a high-quality reduction of glare & provides a seamless experience to help you stay focused on your pursuits. Wiley X Ace works best in bright.

The frame comes in a stylish half-rim style with a Kryptek Neptune design for perfect camouflage. This helps a lot if you’re someone who’s an avid shooting or hunting fan who’s looking to stay low-key at the moment. These are award-winning eyeglasses that made their mark at the EFTTEX 2019 as the best new eyewear of 2019.


Wiley X Gravity

Wiley X Gravity is another great option to use as an all-purpose sunglasses. The frame comes in a black crystal frame that is made out of nylon with blue mirror lenses. These glasses offer a sporty look that will turn heads around wherever you go. The frame temples are rubberized for a perfect non-slip grip at all times even when performing in extreme sports such as water skiing or snowboarding.

These Wiley X Glasses are offered in the Climate Control series by Wiley X that comes with an additional detachable foam gasket. It provides a snug fit & all-round protection against wind, dust & other fine particles to prevent discomfort. Moreover, it also helps with providing a comfortable fit that doesn’t let your glasses move out of their position.


Wiley X Moxy

You get plenty of add-ons with this one. Wiley X Moxy offers three distinctive lens coatings to provide an enhanced optical experience & safety assurance. For instance, the T-shell anti-scratch coating provides a strong overlay that keeps away scratches & abrasions thereby enhancing the shelf life of your glasses.

People who love water sports would find hydrophobic coating to be extremely useful as it keeps the water away by letting it trickle down the surface instead of clinging to it. On the whole, these sunglasses with mirrored polarized lenses will surely add a kick to your style.  

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