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Top prescription sunglasses for mountaineering in 2024.

Top prescription sunglasses for mountaineering in 2024.

For folks who love to trudge on snow, eye safety is equally important as enjoying the whole mountaineering experience. Reaching the highest peak of a mountain can certainly be very exhilarating, but this shouldn’t be done without wearing proper PPE, which includes your headgear, a jacket that offers insulation & reliable eye protection gear. According to the Vision Council Of America, five hundred thousand eye injuries that occur are sports-related. Therefore, keeping your eyes protected with a solid pair of protective eyeglasses is a no-brainer.


Hazards Involved in Mountaineering

The act of climbing in harsh, snowy environments can be overwhelming. Common hazards may include wind, lack of moisture & foreign objects/projectiles such as small ice flakes or any other fine sediments. A blunt force trauma caused by any one of these hazards could leave you potentially blinded for life. Furthermore, there exists a problem of discomfort that is caused by glare or ‘snow-blindness’ as a result of sunlight bouncing off any flat object such as snow. Besides having admirable grip strength & intense cardio, you need an eye accessory that can give you the best visual experience possible without compromising safety.


Choosing The Right Eyewear

When it comes to folks having an active lifestyle, Rx sunglasses offers everything you need for a perfect sports eyewear accessory. Not only does it equip you with an awe-inspiring look, but it also offers an ANSI Z87.1-rated protection. This means your glasses are strong enough to withstand most accidents that can shatter the lens of any ordinary glasses.

Here are a few recommended Prescription Sunglasses that will make the most out of your journey:

Kate Spade Dalila/S

Right off the bat, you get polarized blue mirror lenses for optimum glare reduction in broad daylight, having a light transmission level of 18%. This makes your vision more comfortable & prevents snow blindness. This is done by way of excellent polarization by Kate Spade's very own Filter 8 technology that incorporates 8 layers of various lens coating & polycarbonate lenses.

Kate Spade Dalila/S is available under the Climate Control series and comes with an additional foam gasket that prevents any peripheral wind, dust, sweat, or any other fine sediments from hurting your eyes. On the whole, these glasses are an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to look good while they’re on their course to scale mountains.

Kate Spade Dalila/S


Nike Smash DZ7382

Nike Smash DZ7382 comes in a wrap shape with wide temples that provide a greater protective overlay over the area surrounding your eyes. The frame comes with a polarized amber-gold mirror lens having light transmission levels of 12%, which is ideal for reducing any discomfort caused by sunlight. The frame is designed to provide a fit that doesn’t let your glasses fall or slide forward even if your head bends down at different angles during the activity.

You will enjoy a multitude of lens coatings that come with these glasses. For instance, the anti-fog coating would help a lot in preventing clouded lenses which are often cited as a huge inconvenience in snowy conditions. Unlike traditional sunglasses, NIKE SMASH DZ7382 comes with an anti-reflective coating that lets additional light pass through lenses even in low light.

If you’re someone who needs vision correction lenses, all Nike Glasses offer the option to include prescription lenses. This will help you enjoy the best of visual acuity, sporty aesthetics & shatterproof safety all in one eyewear. On the whole, Nike Smash DZ7382 is an excellent choice for most mountaineers willing to experience what no other ordinary sunglasses can offer. 


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