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Top Reasons To Wear Anti-fog Rx Safety Glasses In 2024

Top Reasons To Wear Anti-fog Rx Safety Glasses In 2024

Lens add-ons are an excellent way to enjoy a superior optical experience through increased eye protection & clarity. In this regard, an anti-fog coating can come in handy & offers its own set of benefits which make it a viable option for many. All high-end branded eye protection PPE such as Pentax safety glasses let you opt for anti-fog coating. Opting for this very coating in your PPE largely depends on the kind of conditions prevailing in your workplace. Hence, it’s necessary to do a brief assessment of the environment you’re involved in.


Enhanced Safety

Fogged lenses can prevent you from seeing clearly in critical moments. They are a common source of inconvenience among workers which often causes them to take off their safety eyewear due to impaired vision. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, sixty percent of the workers were not wearing any kind of eye protection at the time of injury. It is known that fogged lenses are the number one source for workers to take off their eyewear at their jobs.

To counter the aforementioned problem, the anti-fog coating provides a life-saving safety assurance. It is one of the most common coatings people opt for other than an anti-scratch solution. When buying PPE for eye safety, make sure that you’re purchasing an ANSI-rated frame. Onguard 078 is one good option for those who want the best of sophisticated looks & cutting-edge protective features at the same time. It allows you the option to include an anti-fog coating along with integrated side shields which are a great feature.


Ideal for Extreme Temperatures

The problem of fogging usually persists in areas involving high spells of humidity along with heat. If you’re someone who works in a fast-paced industrial environment, it’s no surprise that your premises must be packing a lot of moisture which leads to beclouded lenses. This is more common in professions such as metal casting or construction where high temperatures are normal.

You should make a thorough evaluation of your area or consult with your company’s health & safety equipment manager. Apart from complying with regulatory standards, It’s always recommended to purchase branded PPE to get the most value out of your money. Among high-grade prescription eyewear, 3m ZT200 is a great choice for all-round protection.


Improved Performance

As mentioned, taking off your protective eyewear repeatedly to wipe away the fog leads to injuries. Anti-fog would help you become more productive & efficient in your job utilizing not having to remove your eyewear now and again during work. Give 3M Virtua AP a look if you’re a fan of wrap-around shaped protective eyeglasses. Not only this will improve your focus but it will also elevate your performance to a whole new level.

It also works for those who constantly have to move between indoors & outdoors such as moving inventories from and back inside the warehouse. On the whole, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by choosing this add-on. Get yours today on Eyeweb.com

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