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What Are the Causes of Pressure Behind the Eye

What Are the Causes of Pressure Behind the Eye

Cause of pressure behind the eyes is not always related to eyes problem. There could be a lot of reason behind this pressure. Even Glaucoma is produced by the pressure inside eyes but it cannot be the cause of pressure. You can feel burning or stinging sensation in pain.

Pressure behind the eyes feels like stretching sensation inside the eyes. This pressure could effect on eyes and eyesight. Pink eyes and allergies can create pain but not pressure. Sometime 3m Eagle Safety Glasses could be effective for alleviating the pressure. Here below have described the causes and treatments for light pressure inside the eyes.



There could be some causes pressure behind the eyes.


  1.  Sinus problems:


Sinus symptoms happen when bacteria or virus gets into behind the space of eyes, nose, and cheeks. You can feel pressure upper part of a head and inside the eyes by sinus infections. Additional sinus symptoms can be,

  • A cough
  • Bad breath
  • A headache
  • Stuffed nose
  • Mucus
  • Fatigued
  • Fever
  • Ear pain


  1.  Headaches:


Tension and cluster headaches can cause the pressure behind the eyes. The most common types of headaches are tension and 80% people can be effective by this headache. Minor pain or a headache can resolve by wearing Prescription Safety Glasses. In Cluster headaches, pain comes and goes and this is a very painful type of headaches. Additional symptoms of headaches may include,

  • Red and teary eyes
  • Baggy eyelid
  • Distress in shoulder and neck muscles
  • Pain in the head with an intense and tight feeling
  • Swelling in one face side


  1.  Damage of optic nerve:


Autoimmune diseases can cause swelling inside the eyes. This swelling can affect the optic nerve which transmits visual information from eyes to the brain. Optic neuritis can increase pain and cause the pressure behind the eyes. In this situation, you can feel the following symptoms like,

  • Loss of vision in one eye
  • Loss of color vision or side vision
  • Flashing light during moving eyes
  • Pain can increase during eyes movement

During these conditions, visit a doctor, he/she might refer to wear eyeglasses. You can order Online RX Eyeglasses. Don’t try to bear these pains for long duration because they have side effects as well.


  1.  Grave’s diseases:


Grave’s diseases are produced by attacking of the immune system on thyroid glands. In these situations, the glands release too many hormones. These diseases affect eye muscles and make eyes to bulge. Many people feel the pressure inside the eyes and it becomes severe when eyes move. Additional symptoms might include like,

  • Severe pain in eyes
  • Gritty feelings as something is in the eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Puffy eyes
  • Loss of vision


  1.  A toothache:


Tooth pain can effect eyes indirectly but not directly. In tooth pain, all face muscles stretch and tensed. A problem also arises when you take a bite and your jaw alignment make stretches the face muscles in chewing. This face muscle pain increases the pressure behind the eyes.


Call your doctor:

You should call to doctor if the pressure becomes severe. She/he can recommend you for prescription safety glasses. If you have serious symptoms like high fever, severe headache, vision loss feeling and sometimes feel like any body’s part has loss movements. These are a very severe situation, therefore immediately consult a doctor.

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