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Why Do Optical Lenses Turn Yellow? - Eyeweb Review

Why Do Optical Lenses Turn Yellow? - Eyeweb Review

If you need prescription safety glasses to see clearly and your prescription is not changing anyway. You may need the same pair of optical for some time. If this is so, you may notice the lenses have become slightly yellow that did not happen this before. Tinted lenses are a very widely held option among eye wearer. Tinted lenses not only give your specs a unique and individual style. But they are also very helpful for some patients medically. Some common options are included in tinted lenses like.

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  • Transition Lenses:

Transition lenses are more reactive to the amount of light that they get and turn their shade. With these lenses, you get the benefits of prescription sunglasses in the place of regular eyeglasses. Most of the branded safety glasses are coming with transition lenses as you get two in one.

  • Dark Tints:

Green and gray are including in dark tints and they help to mute glare and shield your eyes from an intensity of light. Besides this benefit, they also enhance color perception.

  • Bright Tints:

Light brown, rose, and yellow are included in bright tints and they protect eyes from UV rays. Besides this, they enhanced clarity and filter out the severe blue light. Blue light is mainly emitted from digital devices like smartphones and iPads. Pentax safety glasses are available with a coating for protecting your eyes from blue light. 

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Why Optical Turn Yellow?

Optical lenses are made of different materials. In the past, the glass used in most of the cases but today, they are created with high-tech materials plastic. Some common varieties of lenses are included.

  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate material is the most popular and very impact resistant.

  • Trivex: This is particularly thin, lightweight, and impact-resistant as well.

  • Aspheric lenses: Aspheric lenses have numerous degree of curvature.

  • Photochromic: Photochromic is a type of transition lenses that including the benefits of prescription sunglasses and regular eyewear.

  • High-index plastic: primarily, these lenses were used for those patients who have a strong prescription.

As lenses started to get a yellow tint over them, then it is the sign of age-linked wear and tear. There are numerous reasons for these changes. In general, this kind of yellow is endorsed to experience sunlight. Because the sun can cause some kind of chemicals that are also used in the plastic for making the lens. These chemicals turn yellow the lenses. Other studies also report that the plastic lenses activating a reaction that makes the lenses yellow tinge. You can order even designer glasses online on eyeweb.com.

How can you Reverse the Yellow from your Optical:

Unluckily, there are some online tips to remove yellowish tints but on other plastic-like car tail light lenses. Now, it is generally approved that yellow stain on your lenses cannot be reversed without damaging of your eyeglasses.

In this case, we suggest you for a new pair of eyewear. Make sure before getting your new specs, your prescription should be latest for getting correct lenses. 

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