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Prato 9196


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To ensure your frames fit perfectly, you first have to determine which size frames are best for you. The best place to start is with the measurements on a pair you already own. You know those little numbers on the inside of its temple? That's what you're looking for. The frame measurements appear in the following order: lens width, bridge width, and temple length.

Frame Width

To find frame width, measure the front of the frame from screw to screw

Temple Length

Temple length is the measurement in millimeters of the ‘arms' of the frame. This measurement does not vary as much as the others, with 135mm, 140mm, 145mm, and 150mm being the most common options.

Lens Height and Width

Lens height is the distance from the top of a lens to the bottom. Lens Width is the distance from the left side of a lens to the right side.

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Frame Information

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    Acetate Plastic
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    Full Rim
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  • Collections

    Prato Collection

Frame Description

If you are looking for decent but stylish Boutique Eyewear Frames, then Prato Collection is the collection of Boutique Eyewear Frames that you were looking for. What sets you apart from others? What makes you stand out in the crowd? It's your personality, your attitude, and your individual style and looks. Find the perfect way to express yourself with our Prato Collection eyeglasses. Explore our extensive collection, and find the Prato Collection frames that say exactly what you want them to say about you. Buy securely online while consulting EYEWEB’s exclusive eye care professionals with any and all questions you may have. Get ready for a new you with Prato Collection glasses.


Acetate Round RX Glasses Online 9196

Designer Prato Collection 9196 lifestyle glasses are the hottest way to make a fashion statement that is uniquely yours. EYEWEB  is the top source for Prato Collection lifestyle glasses that will not only reflect your personal style but also your mood at the time. EYEWEB is the online destination for all of your eyewear needs. The is a 100% authentic RX glasses available in some exciting colors (Thatch Green, Taupe) comes with a one-year warranty. Our customer service associates are available to address your eye care related questions and offer expertise on all of our products. EYEWEB Prescription Eyeglasses features the complete collection of eyeglasses. EYEWEB carries the latest and most stylish models from designer collections from all the top brand and designer names. From brand name eyeglasses to the most advanced lenses on the market, EYEWEB has it all. Founded and staffed by optical professionals, EYEWEB is committed to providing unparalleled service and selection. This RX Glasses Online is a Full Rim frame made up by the material Acetate or Plastic. Modern designs display classic features that have become synonymous with EYEWEB Designer Glasses. EYEWEB Prescription Eyewear Frames dresses peak functionality in a sleek package.


Wear PRATO 9196 Glasses to Let Your Personality Shine

These glasses are a treat for round glasses aesthetes. They come in uniquely slender plastic rims that emit a sophisticated aspect of your personality. The thing about PRATO 9196 is its ability to provide a subtle air of mystery about you when coupled with formal attire on any elaborate occasion. Prato is the go-to choice for the fashion-forward person who prefers stylish frames that have a versatile appeal to them. They’ll surely be a worthy addition in your wardrobe of accessories.


Prato Glasses allow you the option to use them with RX lenses. This is a perfect option for people who require vision correction. By doing so, not only you are getting corrective lenses in eyewear but also along with the contemporary aesthetics of a fashion accessory. The frame material is constructed out of acetate plastic, which is best suited for people that may have allergic reactions to plastic. Round shape glasses are best suited for those who want to soften out the sharp edges of their facial outline. Optimum face shapes for round glasses are square or heart-shaped with a pointy chin. The 9196 comes in Thatch Green & Taupe color. Additionally, you may want to have a look at other fantastic options if you are buying a perfect eye accessory for your wardrobe:


QBEE 3085

These glasses come in the versatile multi brown & Garnet color. These come in a pillowed rectangle shape, which is a popular one among many mid-level executives & white-collar officers. The lenses have a bigger surface area than your average Prescription Eyeglasses Online. You can also sport them as a fashionable eye accessory on a various number of occasions. These are best suited for people with oblong face shapes as they provide the necessary width to your face to add the right offset. Furthermore, people with chubby faces can also wear them to highlight their cheekbones. These full rim glasses come in plastic material which is quite lightweight as opposed to metallic or stainless steel frames.


QBEE 3081

3081 By QBEE brings the retro aesthetic into contemporary style. The glasses come in standard rectangle shape. It comes in Demi brown/ Tortoise & Grey Color. The plastic material ensures comfortable wear for long hours without causing any problems.


QBEE 9979

These glasses are the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates minimalism or does not want their glasses to become a prominent feature of their appearance. The 9979 comes in Tuatara color in a Titanium material, which is as durable as stainless steel & much lightweight. You can sport these glasses well if you have a round face shape.


QBEE 9867

The 9867 is almost identical to the 9979, except for the glasses’ lens. The shape differs a bit too with the frames having a flatter & leaner form. These glasses are perfect for executives & corporate world laborers who want to maintain some degree of professionalism in their appearance.


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