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BaiLi Online Eyeglasses Frame 2308

Whether you look classic and sophisticated or bold and unexpected, Baili makes a statement and lets everyone know who you are. It offers a truly mesmerizing collection of eyewear, with tremendously stylish touches and lively colors, making them ideal for anyone and any occasion.
Whether you are working through your business day, or going out on the town to be noticed, Eyeweb has an expansive collection of Baili glasses frames to fit every mood and activity, ingeniously designed with meticulous craftsmanship. Eyeweb carries the latest and most stylish models from designer our exclusive group of boutique designers. All eyewear at Eyeweb comes with a 1-year frame warranty. We promise 100% authentic, boutique designer eyewear that is sure to look great on your face as well as match your mood. At Eyeweb, you get the highest quality eyeglasses at prices you can afford. Order your Baili glasses from Eyeweb today.

Online Eyeglasses Frames

BaiLi Frame 2308

The 2308 Eyeglasses Frame comes from the genius team at Baili created a newer, classic and sophisticated look for either gender to enhance their facial features, with the wayfarer shape in a full rim. This eyewear frame has the lens sizes of lens width of 55, bridge width of 18, arm length of 140, lens height of 36, frame width of 139, and a frame weight of 15.8. Also be sure to check up the section on safety glasses as well because an extra amount of protection can't really hurt you but it might make a big difference one day give your eyes the protection they need. There are a lot of things are in the open and in our own house that can hurt our eyes due to a simple accident or some type of particle that can go into your eye causing irritation and red eyes. Some of this can be simply washed out but a lot can go deeper into your eye causing a run out to the emergency room. Much of this can be avoided or prevented in the first place by simply wearing the right protection safety glasses and as well as taking the precautions needed. A minor to major incident when not paying attention is all that it will take to cause partial or permanent blindness in one or both of your eyes.

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