Home Blog Check out these cool military safety sunglasses for 2024!

Check out these cool military safety sunglasses for 2024!

Check out these cool military safety sunglasses for 2024!

It’s time that you make serious resolutions regarding eye safety when trying out your favorite firearm whether out in the open or inside a firing range. In either case, you always need to ensure that your eyes are protected with the best eye protection PPE. Whether you’re on the lookout for prescription safety glasses or non-RX ones, functionality in terms of safety is a must. Here’s a list of some of the amazing glasses that you could find over the internet to make your shooting pursuits worthwhile.


Top Military Safety Eyewear


Wiley X Enzo is the go-to option for people who always lead active lifestyles & have a knack for shooting. Right off the bat, you get smoke-grey lenses that are ideal for outdoor usage. Smoke grey color helps with glare reduction in sunny conditions. Having light transmission levels of fifteen percent, these lenses offer everything you need for a seamless view in daylight.

Just like all Wiley X eyewear, these glasses are ANSI-rated, which makes them shatterproof against most blunt trauma accidents. The polycarbonate material used in making the lenses promises 100% protection against UV A & B types of rays, which is very handy when you’re outdoors trying for a perfect aim in the field.  

Furthermore, there’s an additional T-Peg strap that you could use if you feel the temples are inhibiting your performance. You can simply detach the temples with the click of a button & attach the strap.


Wiley X ACE

If you’re a fan of half-rimmed frames, you’ll simply love wearing Wiley X Ace. The frame comes in a unique design that doesn’t compromise comfort at all. You also get a removable facial cavity seal that helps provide a snug fit while keeping out sweat, dust & other fine particles from coming in contact with your eyes.

These glasses come with polarized amber-gold lenses that will provide a superior color contrast for viewing the finest details while being outdoors. Wiley X’s proprietary Filter 8 Technology offers excellent visual comfort for a crystal clear view, no matter how harsh the conditions are. With polarized lenses, your daytime vision is immensely improved which translates into better performance.


Wiley X PT-1

Wiley X PT-1 comes in a retro shape that inspires a visually aesthetic look. The frame comes in an aviator shape that will give you the best of both worlds, safety & a dashing appearance. The gunmetal frame color goes very well with polarized grey-silver flash lenses that are ideal to wear during bright or sunny conditions. Also, you get a multitude of lens coatings with Wiley X PT-1. For instance, the anti-scratch coating helps with keeping away scratches & small marks from tarnishing the appearance of lenses.

Furthermore, for people requiring some sort of vision correction in their eyewear, these glasses come with the option to include RX lenses along with the option to add lens tint to help reduce glare & provide a fantastic view.

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