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Does Wearing Glasses Make You Look Younger?

Does Wearing Glasses Make You Look Younger?

Selecting glasses that will make you appear younger could seem like a lower priority than things like comfort or price. Perhaps. You might wear your designer glasses for most of the day if not all of it, so it's crucial that you feel good about the ones you choose. This includes being happy with what you notice in the mirror once you wear them.

The next time you go shopping, think about the shape, size, color, and style of your eyewear if you think it makes you appear older than you would like. The way your glasses look can be significantly altered by making a few small yet thoughtful decisions. Here are some recommendations for selecting glasses that elongate your face.

How to Select Eyeglasses That Go Well With Your Age?

Eyewear should be fashionable, enhance your youthful appearance, and match your age. If you're older, you're searching for styles of eyewear that will help you age gracefully. While you browse for frames that accentuate your youthful features, keep the following tips in mind.


Uplifting glasses are the most effective in giving you a younger appearance. Your frame's shape might assist you in getting a natural facelift.

  • Sharp edges are undesirable; rounder and softer corners are preferred. The natural lifting and softening of facial features are achieved by rounded edges.
  • Cat-eye forms seem slightly more optimistic and have softer edges.
  • Rectangular designs with rounded corners that are upswept look quite good on elderly males.
  • Your cheeks shouldn't come into contact with a properly fitting set of glasses.


Luxury eyewear with warm hues makes you appear younger. It's better to leave trendy and flamboyant colors to the young people. For those who frequently appear on camera, such as in Zoom meetings or on television, warmer tones might be a good option. If you want your eyes to have a subtle sheen, look for shining materials; nevertheless, stay away from basic black, silver, and boring colors. Selecting glasses with these hues may make you appear older.

The Size

Make sure you avoid selecting vertically too thin frames when you're out shopping for them. Presbyopia, or the loss of close focusing capacity, is a condition that comes with age. Because of this, a large number of us require separate prescription lenses for near and far vision. As such, a multifocal lens for your glasses might be necessary. Your optician can assist you in selecting lenses.

A larger reading surface is difficult to put in very small frames, so think about going larger. Although extremely small frame sizes work well for reading glasses or distance glasses, they don't provide much space for progressive lenses or line flat-top bifocals. Furthermore, bigger vertical dimensions typically translate into more comfortable reading vision since the latest digitally handled customized progressive lenses perform better than ever in compact frames.


Selecting the appropriate design of glasses might help you appear younger. Don't be scared to play around with color and form. Seek for more retro-styled, deeper contours. For people who are genuinely youthful in heart and prefer slightly more flair in their eyeglasses, these are fantastic.

Types of Lenses

The over-the-counter reading glasses, also known as "cheaters," are a common choice among older adults. These readers occasionally protrude from people's noses when they look over their tips. Obtaining glasses over the counter or borrowing them from a friend to peruse the menu doesn't take the place of having an eye checkup.

To ensure that your eyes are healthy and that you have good vision for the rest of your life, you should get an eye exam in addition to receiving the right prescription and high-quality lenses for your lifestyle.

Schedule a thorough eye examination to determine your actual optical requirements. Your eye specialist can suggest a lens that fits like a pair of regular glasses rather than protruding over reading glasses.

Progressive lenses are a fantastic choice if you want to look younger. Additionally, keep in mind that you are not required to wear progressive lenses all the time simply because you might be eligible for them. You won't need to put on and take off your glasses throughout the day to see not just in the far distance but also up close and at arm's length and up close.

Eyeglasses Frames for Improving Your Look

You feel more confident and like yourself when you wear glasses with frames that allow you to look younger. The following selection of eyeglass frames can enhance your facial shape and give you a more youthful appearance:

Cat Eye Eyeglasses Frames

The distinctive form of cat eye frames has a smooth edge and swoops upward. This might give you a brighter, more youthful appearance by drawing focus to the outward corners of your eyes. The cat eye frames might draw attention to your cheekbones because they are often wider than your cheekbones.

These eyewear frames can have subtle or sharp edges and can be found in various colors and sizes. Face shapes such as diamond, oval, square, round, and oblong complement cat eye eyeglass frames beautifully.

Larger Frames

Larger-framed oversized spectacles can conceal aging indicators, giving you the appearance of being younger without even trying. They accentuate the eyes, are appropriate for all sexes, and make a strong fashion statement. Wayfarer, square, round, and diamond-shaped frames are available for oversized spectacles. If they are the right size for your face, they can fit oblong, round face, and oval shapes.

Vibrantly colored frames

Selecting designer glasses frames that compliment your skin tone makes you look younger by enhancing your features and complementing your face. For older men and women, warm color tones like jewel, berry, burgundies, and brown are good options.

Although black suits all skin tones and is quite adaptable, it may also look drab. For an improved youthful appearance, use a thick or boxy black frame if you want a black frame. Blue frames can help you appear younger at any age since they are bold and colorful, and add a splash of color.

Rounded frames

Round frames can come across as conventional or uninteresting. If you wear round frames and have a round face, this can be the case. However, circular frames might smooth the edges and make your face appear younger and slimmer if you possess a square or diamond-shaped face. Even try wearing large, round frames.

Vibrant Frames

You can stand out and show that you're not scared to mature gracefully with bold frames. With a round face, rectangular or square frames accentuate your features and provide the appearance of a youthful face. Try a strong color for a more youthful look, but choose a lighter tone for pale complexions or a darker tint for dark complexion tones. Alternatively, try octagon-shaped frames.

Suggestions for Glasses For Senior Citizens

Having learned how to select the ideal prescription glasses for the age you are, here are some stylish recommendations for senior citizens.

Glasses for Over-Fifty Ladies

Elderly people may best avoid some types of spectacles. Aviator-style frames, for instance, slant downward at the outer edges and might give the appearance of a drooping face. Some fifty-something women adore the way cat-eye spectacles feel and look. Instead, the face appears lifted thanks to the upswept edge of these frames.

Our Best Choices:

Did you realize that wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes can be concealed by using strong frames? Full-rimmed spectacles not only offer more peripheral vision but also have a striking aesthetic appeal.

Our Best Choices:

Eyeglasses for Elderly Women

The greatest eyeglass frames are frequently thin and strong enough to resist regular use. Because of this, metal eyeglasses are a great option for a variety of individuals, including the elderly. There are many different hues and shapes of metal frames. Furthermore, non-allergenic and not likely to hurt delicate skin are qualities of materials like titanium.

Our Best Choices:

Men's Glasses Over Fifty

Full-rim spectacles aren't usually associated with nerdy stereotypes, despite popular belief to the contrary. Full-rim glasses are likely connected to success and intelligence, and they can be stylish. Square or round full-rim eyeglasses are a classy way for men over 50 to flaunt their style sense.

Our Best Choices:

Men's Glasses For Over Sixty

Think about rectangular frames if you want a more traditional shape. These frames provide the face structure and also enhance the definition of softer features. To suit your unique style, rectangular glasses are available in a range of materials, including metal and acetate.

Our Best Choices:

Eyeglasses For Older Men (70+)

For elders, glasses without rims are an excellent alternative. Since there isn't a frame encircling the lenses, rimless glasses are lightweight and won't draw attention to themselves. They also have a refined, understated appearance.

Our Best Choices:

There are Additional Choices Available for a Younger Appearance

Look Stylishly and Self-assured in Black

Black spectacles are sleek and stylish, and they're quite in right now. This adaptable color is simple to dress for a variety of events. Black looks well on everybody and works with everything, regardless of age! Your appearance will seem more sophisticated and current with black frames. We would suggest a striking square frame or an understated cat-eye. Because of their distinctive peaked corners, cat-eye glasses are particularly flattering on older ladies because they naturally lift your face. 

Oprah Winfrey is the epitome of a stylish, self-assured woman who frequently flaunts her persona and makes a complete statement of authority with a pair of striking cat-eye frames. On the other hand, if you have grey hairs, angular black men's spectacles will contrast your silver locks brilliantly and make you appear years younger. Embrace your agelessness while yet looking mature with a traditional large frame.

Use Tortoiseshell to Spruce up Your Appearance

A pair of rectangular or round tortoiseshell Jimmy Choo glasses will give your outfit a lively and playful edge, depending on the shape of your face. Clubmaster glasses are still another excellent choice because of their characteristic browline, which helps to bring the eye upward. Traditionally, tortoiseshell glasses have a very useful and warm pattern. Usually a combination of earthy shades, it looks good with a wide range of colors and has lots of contemporary options. The ideal pair of tortoiseshell eyeglasses can warm up your complexion, regardless of your skin tone. To help you choose which tortoiseshell design to get, we suggest selecting a base tone that complements your eye color.

Consider Using a Vivid, Young Color

You shouldn't feel constrained by a particular color scheme as an adult. We want you to explore and use the boldest, brightest colors you can locate. Both music legend Sir Elton John and star Dame Prue Leith are well-known for their audacious decisions! Their colorful attire captivates us. Observe how often they both match the color of their accessories to the frames of their spectacles. In this manner, the vivid hues complement their ensemble rather than overpower it.

Keep it Timeless by Using a Retro Style

Don't be scared to opt for a classic, retro style. A lot of the previous fashion trends are reappearing these days! If you're trying to look younger and roll back time, a traditional circular frame or design from the 1960s is a great option! Avert retro eyewear with a downward-pointing lens, akin to the teardrop lenses of vintage Aviators. If you do decide to get a pilot-type frame, choose a contemporary version made of acetate with either round or square lenses.

Avoid These Frames if You Want to Look Attractive

Which eyeglass frames will help you look younger depends largely on your face type. Your features seem better in frames that contrast with the curve of your face. Knowing that the following are frames to stay away from:

  • Avoid boxy or thin frames for a diamond-shaped face.
  • Stay away from oval or ornamental frames for a heart face.
  • Avoid using large or round frames on an oblong face.
  • Stay away from large frames on an oval face.
  • Avoid round, tiny, rimless frames on a round face.
  • Steer clear of boxy or angular frames on a square face.

Ready To Go Back in Time to When You Were Younger?

With such a large selection, we are sure that you'll stand out with your sophisticated style no matter which shape of designer best-selling glasses you choose. Not only that, but you can effortlessly and stylishly conceal the lines on your face. You'll look attractive and fit right in with the youngsters before you know it!

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