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Picking the Right Lens for Your Safety Shades

Picking the Right Lens for Your Safety Shades

The lenses of any eyewear form the core of its functionality and can make or break the visual experience it offers to the wearer. In the case of protective sunglasses, picking the right lenses becomes even more important due to the added safety aspect. One should always make sure of their optical needs to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. Regarding that, this article gives a rundown on the protective features that lenses should offer to become part of your ultimate eye accessory for wearing on the go. Here are some essential features you need to keep your eyes protected.

Shatterproof Protection

According to the Vision Council of America, half a million people get their eyes injured annually when performing in sports. Hence, providing safeguards against blunt trauma injuries is something that your glasses should provide foolproof protection against. Speaking of lenses, those that are made out of regular plastic or glass material aren’t strong enough to withstand the force of serious accidents such as projectiles or other foreign objects.

By contrast, lenses made out of polycarbonate are ten times stronger than the aforementioned plastic or glass material. This is exactly why sports eyewear as Wiley X Safety Glasses come with polycarbonate material lenses which also helps them become ANSI Z87.1 rated. The very ANSI rating helps ensure that you get to experience shatterproof safety offered by the lenses in your eyewear.

Protection Against UV Rays

Whenever you step out in the sun without sunglasses, your eyes get exposed to UV rays present in sunlight whose exposure to can give rise to certain illnesses in the long run such as cataracts or macular degeneration that cause permanent vision impairment. Sunglasses that come with plastic lenses simply don’t prevent the UV rays from penetrating through the surface which makes them a bad choice. On the other hand, polycarbonate offers complete safety against UV rays.

Glare Reduction

Glare occurs when you experience discomfort seeing due to the intrusion of excessive light in your eyes, which is commonly caused by sunlight. To counter this problem, lenses have to have certain light transmission levels to let you view comfortably. You might want to check out Wiley X Slay which comes with smoke grey lenses with low levels of light transmission suited for wearing in broad daylight.

Light transmission levels are determined by the tint types that come with lenses. For instance, for medium to low light levels, yellow or green lens colors are more suitable. Whereas blue, gray & other dark tints are suitable for bright or sunny conditions. Furthermore, there are polarized sunglasses offered by Wiley X which provide enhanced visual clarity & color contrast. The ones coming in mirrored style provide the much-wanted sporty aesthetic by athletes which offers a sharp & stylish look.


UV protection, Glare reduction & shatterproof safety are some essential features that are necessary for a sports eyewear that offers a standardized level of protection as prescribed by ANSI. When it comes to eye safety, it is always recommended to choose the best PPE that provides stylish looks along with high-grade safety features.

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