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Stylish Sunglasses for Everyday Wear: Durable and Trendy Choices

Stylish Sunglasses for Everyday Wear: Durable and Trendy Choices

Your choice of sunglasses makes more than just a fashion statement. Your choice of sunglasses should reflect your style and draw attention to your strongest features. It's daunting to choose the best sunglasses because there are so many various styles available, including wayfarers, cat eyes, square, rectangular, and aviators.

 Additionally, you should confirm that the design of the sunglasses you choose will adequately shield you from the sun's UV and UVA rays. Since you'll probably wear your sunglasses for a long time, you should also think about the color. Therefore, it's crucial that you genuinely adore the sunglasses you select!  The material of the frame also influences the endurance and robustness of your sunglasses.

Consider the form and structure of your face when choosing the style of sunglasses you should choose. The design of the sunglasses you choose should easily highlight and frame your face. All of these considerations will influence how you select the ideal sunglasses for you. Let's take a look at the latest styles in sunglasses and see how Eyeweb can empower you to choose your shades with confidence.

Assessing Sunglass Durability: What Constitutes a Longevity?

It's critical to put durability above looks while looking for a decent pair of stylish Tom Ford sunglasses. Finding a pair that can tolerate abrasions and deterioration without breaking or harming readily is what makes them durable. This is based on the durability of the lenses, the hinges, and the durability of the frame material.

The following factors are crucial in determining durability

  • What kind and class of material is used for the frames,
  • How durable are the lenses?
  • The hinge mechanism's robustness.

These elements are essential to ensure that your sunglasses maintain their form and function over a variety of activities.

Strength of the Frame Material

The material used to make sunglasses frames has a big impact on how long they last. For instance, because of their flexibility and impact resistance, ultralight nylon materials are robust and resilient enough to tolerate regular wear. Never undervalue plastic frames. However, they might not be as durable as nylon; acetate and other materials strike a compromise between weight, usability, and durability.

How About Frames Made Of Metal?

People who wear titanium frames, which are well-liked for being lightweight and strong, can experience tough yet comfortable sunglasses. However, questions have been raised about the sustainability of the fabrication of plastic frames.

Lens Durability

The quality of your sunglasses' lenses has a big impact on how long they last. They need to be resilient enough to withstand unintentional falls or collisions without breaking or cracking to protect you from damaging UV radiation. Because Polycarbonate and Trivex have great resistance to impact, they are highly suggested for active persons. Scratch resistance is another important component in guaranteeing the longevity of lenses. The durability of the lenses of your sunglasses is further increased by elements like scratch-resistant coating.

A glass lens can be a better option for people who value very clear vision. In particular, mineral glass lenses promise outstanding optical performance and scratch resistance. Glass lenses are considered more brittle than plastic ones, even with this benefit, but they may still be relied upon to preserve clear vision over time.

Hardware Robustness and Hinge

The durability of the frame design and the kind of hinges and gear utilized will determine how long your sunglasses last. To provide a tight fit and seamless movement, prominent materials used in sunglasses designs include adjustable spring and barrel hinges. Reputable companies like Eyeweb have strong hinge mechanisms that endure a long time. Some even provide blue mirror lenses to enhance the clarity of vision when using the sunglasses.

Which Sunglasses Styles Are More Popular In All Seasons?

These days, there are a plethora of stylish and functional sunglasses that may instantly take you to other events, fashion eras, and distinctive shapes that will enhance your appearance. Sunglasses are necessary for a variety of reasons, including basic UV protection, driving in strong light, accessorizing an outfit, and making a striking fashion statement, even if you don't wear them every day. These are the most fashionable categories of sunglasses that Eyeweb offers, both for men and women. One of the most obvious ways to wear sunglasses that represent your individuality and your style is through the shape of your sunglasses frame. Several fashionables look for both men and women are:

  • Geometric: The choices for sunglasses have taken a turn toward the intriguing and distinctive. These looks feature genuinely irreverent, unconventional shapes like enormous, rimless octagons or hexagons.
  • Oversized - These sunglasses create a 70s throwback vibe while adding glam and drama.
  • Classic Browline Glasses: Probably the most well-liked sunglass type that never goes out of style is browline glasses. These suit a variety of face shapes and are generally excellent for all occasions.
  • Aviators - Originally designed for pilots, these sunglasses frame styles are a terrific choice for anyone looking to stand out in the crowd. Sunglasses with a teardrop-shaped lens are known as aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses got their name because they resemble the eyewear worn by pilots. Although they can be nostalgic, aviators are more inclined toward a current taste.
  • Cat-eye: This playful, vintage-inspired style has dramatic, turned-up edges that almost seem whimsical. The outside corner of the cat-eye frame curves upward creating a dramatic swoop design. They have a retro appearance and feel, evoking the fashion of the 1940s and 1950s. Though many of the cat eye frames produced nowadays might adopt a contemporary style.
  • Rectangle: The frame sides are shorter on these, and the horizontal line is longer. A timeless choice that flatters a wide range of face shapes is rectangle sunglasses.
  • Round: As the name implies, round frames have a round lens design that gives the sunglasses themselves a uniformly symmetrical appearance. Although more recent styles imply modernism, round sunglasses frames have a nostalgic appeal.
  • Squares: The frame of square frames is equal on all sides, providing the sunglasses with a consistent, well-balanced appearance. Certain square glasses evoke nostalgia, evoking the "nerd" glasses that gained popularity in the 1950s. However, square frames can frequently be trendy and updated.

Considering Face Shape When Choosing Sunglasses

The degree of sun/UV protection required, the color of the frame, personal style or fashion, and the frame's material all play a part in choosing the ideal pair of sunglasses. Choosing frames that complement the shape of your face is another way to up your sunglasses game. The typical facial shapes are listed below, along with eyewear looks that go well with each one.

  • Round Face Shape: Choosing typical wide rectangular frames, a classic browline, or wayfarer-style shades will assist stretch the face for people with round faces, larger cheeks, and wider foreheads.
  • Heart Face Shape: To add more balance, choose a rounder or cat eye frame for people with high cheekbones, a broad forehead, and a narrow chin.
  • Square Face Shape: The greatest sunglasses for people with square faces, which are characterized by a wide forehead and an angular jawline, are going to be round or cat eye frames, which will balance the jaw.
  • Oval Face Shape: Round sunglasses perform best to balance out an oval face, which is characterized by symmetrical features that balance the cheekbones, forehead, and jaw.
  • Long Face Shape: Rounder or Cat eye frames work best on people with narrow faces, with thinner chin and cheekbones.

Most Popular Options

Every respectable clothing brand and retailer will have designs for casual and functional eyewear available during the summer, but many high-end fashion companies also carry their collections. Designer shades are a well-liked option for folks who want to elevate their summertime ensemble and are fashion-conscious. Among the most well-known designer labels are Via Spiga, Nike, and Kate Spade.

Via Spiga

Via Spiga sunglasses are ideal for individuals who wish to make a statement because of their elegant and sophisticated designs. They are long-lasting and available in a variety of designs for both men and women, such as wayfarers, aviators, and cat-eye frames. Strong, flexible materials and wear-resistant frames contribute to their long-lasting durability, making Tom Ford a great option if you want to protect your eyes during a summer filled with outdoor activities.

Via Spiga 360-SC in Red Colour


Because of its timeless and adaptable design, Nike sunglasses are a popular option for both men and women. They are recognized for their famous wayfarer and aviator models. With its lightweight frames and premium lenses, Nike sunglasses provide unmatched comfort and protection whether you are playing on the court, the track, or just strolling around town. Each pair is designed to improve performance and make a statement in terms of style.

NIKE SHOW X3 E DJ2032 in Matte obsidian Road Tint

Kate Spade

The fashion firm Kate Spade is well-known for its bold and distinctive designs, which is evident in most of its products. As such, fashion-forward individuals and those seeking to create an impression with their summer items frequently go for these sunglasses. Kate Spade sunglasses are expertly crafted with attention to detail, including sleek frames, vivid hues, and distinctive embellishments that create a whimsical touch to any outfit. Whether you're wandering through the city or basking in sunlight on a tropical vacation, these sunglasses will instantly improve your look and offer the best protection against UV rays. There's a designer style to fit every mood and event, from big cat-eye forms to retro-inspired aviators.

Kate Spade Fara/S in Red Gold

Camping Under Summer Sun

Your sunglasses must be durable and flexible enough to fit into your summer plans since they are a practical tool and an essential protection for your eyes. To maximize your summertime excursions, whether you're planning to go swimming, biking, hiking, or sightseeing, your glasses must fulfill a few essential needs. 

Although stylish and designer sunglasses are great options for summertime enjoyment, if you want to spend as much time in the sun as possible, lightweight, long-lasting sunglasses should be your priority. With these sunglasses, you may move around throughout the day without experiencing discomfort because they are made to offer the highest level of protection without being heavy or pressing on your nose.

Those who have busy summer lifestyles also choose to choose wraparound lenses and sports sunglasses. Whether running, jogging, or participating in sports, these lenses suit the wearer's face securely with a wrap-around design that resembles goggles.
Summertime may be particularly stressful for people who use bifocals since it takes time to go from your regular glasses to sunglasses, so you have to make sure you always have two pairs with you when you leave the house or use Rx sunglasses with multifocal lenses.

A pair of Lacoste sunglasses is the ideal option if you need bifocal eyewear to read a nice book by the pool or on the beach. With two distinct prescriptions combined into one lens, they offer a practical and easy way to enjoy summertime while keeping your eyes safe.

Discover the Ideal Pair of Sunglasses with Eyeweb

Here at Eyeweb, you may discover reasonably priced, superior optical sunglasses and eyeglasses. Once you've chosen a pair of glasses, you may choose your favorite lens type and, if you're getting prescription sunglasses, input your prescription. Eyeweb will then handle the rest, designing the sunglasses to your exact requirements and sending them straight to your door. 

You will notice Eyeweb's meticulous attention to detail in his craft. Before being mailed to you, each pair of our frames is expertly hand-assembled and finished to order. In addition, Eyeweb includes a microfiber cloth and a stylish carrying box with every pair of glasses it sells to make cleaning and transportation simple.

We chose premium lenses for our frames that will withstand abrasions and still provide you with the necessary clarity and sharpness of vision. We make sure that every pair of our conventional polycarbonate lenses lasts as long as possible by being lightweight, durable, and impact-resistant. The polarized lenses on Eyeweb's sunglasses block out 100% of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and lessen annoying glare.

The cellulose acetate frames of the Eyeweb Collection come from natural fibers. Double-barrel hinges on each pair provide smooth arm movement, and padded tips allow you to sit securely for as extended hours as you need. If you are having trouble getting a genuine sense of how Eyeweb sunglasses frames will suit you when you are looking, try using our Try-On Feature to see a better image of how amazing you will look in each pair.

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