Top Wiley X Sunglasses For Motorcyclists To Wear In 2024

Top Wiley X Sunglasses For Motorcyclists To Wear In 2024

It’s time to take your bike riding game to another level by wearing the right sunglasses that will make your trips unforgettable. Among other PPE, a durable eye accessory is imperative for experiencing clear vision when driving your motorcycle at a considerable speed. There are certain hazards such as wind, dust, sweat & other fine particles that cause irritation & discomfort in your eyes. This article lists some of the best Wiley X Safety Glasses that you could use for a stress-free optical experience on the go. Your search for a killer pair of glasses ends right here!


Best Motorcycle Safety Eyewear

Wiley X Saint

Due to its lightweight, half-rimmed design, Wiley X Saint is an easy favorite among motorcyclists who want their glasses to be noticeable without being overbearing on their faces. You get polarized smoke green & emerald blue lenses that offer excellent glare reduction & and enhanced color contrast to view the slightest details with superior clarity & comfort in broad daylight. On the whole, these glasses are an excellent choice for people who lead active lifestyles.

Wiley X Enzo

Wiley X Enzo comes in a wrap shape that provides a snug fit & a greater range of view. Moreover, you also get a removable gasket that can be affixed behind the inside of the lens for a form-fitting experience. Doing so prevents any dust or fine pollen from coming in contact with your eyes during the ride. Just like all Wiley X eyewear, these glasses are ANSI Z87.1 rated which means you get to experience shatterproof protection against any high-impact accidents. The rubberized temple tips & nose piece ensure that your glasses stay perched on your nose without any chances of slipping or sliding forward. On the other hand, if you are more of a goggles type, check out the following eyewear.

Wiley X SG-1

This is one of the best-selling goggles by Wiley X that combines the best of tactical gear & safety goggles to provide a unique optical experience. Wiley X SG-1 gives you the option to attach the strap to the frame by removing the temples. The frame feels very flexible and is designed to fit medium to large head sizes without causing any discomfort. Furthermore, if you’re someone who requires vision correction lenses, feel free to add them along with your chosen lens tint for a perfect viewing experience.

Wiley X Sleek

Another great option. Wiley X Sleek offers a very lean frame with polarized silver flash lenses made out of polycarbonate lenses. These glasses provide a hundred percent protection against UV A & B types of rays. The removable gasket is available with these frames too for full-on protection. Moreover, Wiley X Filter 8 Technology comes with a multitude of lens coatings that enhance the shelf life & reduce the replacement cost for you. For instance, the anti-reflective coating is an excellent solution that enables more light to pass through the lenses to enable you to view better in low-light conditions.

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