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What Makes Your Sunglasses More Than A Fashion Accessory?

What Makes Your Sunglasses More Than A Fashion Accessory?

Modern optical standards have allowed sunglasses to become more than just an accessory. As people become more self-aware, eye safety is turning into an important. This has caused the protective aspects to transcend into sunglasses as well. This applies especially to those who wear sunglasses during sports. Recent developments have allowed sports safety sunglasses to emerge as the most favorable substitute for regular sunglasses due to having an enhanced set of features.

The Need to Prevent Eye Injuries

According to the Vision Council of America, almost half a million injuries occur every year during sports. More than often, the victims are athletes who wear sunglasses that do not provide a certain level of safety assurance. To counter this problem, you need to wear something that is ANSI Z87.1 rated. Wiley X Safety Glasses is a fantastic option for enjoying the best of high-grade safety while sporty aesthetics at the same time. Hence, your eyewear should be more than just eye candy to show off to everyone. There’s every bit of reason to choose sunglasses that promise ANSI rating over those that don’t.

Why Wear Sports Safety Sunglasses

  • High Impact Resistance

Safety sunglasses come with a high impact resistance that allows them to promise shatterproof safety. This is largely due to polycarbonate lenses that are way sturdier than glass or plastic ones. There’s every reason to think of your eyewear as strong armor against instances of hazards like projectiles or other foreign objects that can induce blunt force trauma to the unprotected eye.

Hence, protecting your eyes with eyewear by the renowned brand that offers ANSI rating is a no brainer. For starters, you might want to check out Wiley X Saint that comes in a sporty half-rimmed shape with unique, cutting edge features that offer the most value for your money.

  • Prescription Lenses

It’s important for your safety eyewear to allow prescription lenses. Having a 20/20 or visual acuity is critical to any sportsperson's performance. Ordinary sunglasses may not provide the same level of vision correction which can put you at a huge disadvantage. Glasses without the option to include RX lenses are becoming a thing of the past now due to an increased number of athletes who require vision correction.

Not only you’re getting the option to include prescription lenses but you’re getting them with polycarbonate lenses that promise shatterproof safety assurance. Wiley X Slay offers you the option to include RX lenses with an additional lens add ons that enhances your overall visual experience through Filter 8 Polarized Technology lenses. So why not choose something with all-round protection? Investing in high-quality eyewear is something that usually pays well in the long run.


It is no secret that investing in a high-quality pair of safety sunglasses is a no brainer. Why buy those fancy looking shades when you can get the same awe-inspiring looks with something that is perfect in terms of style & substance. The future reads safety sunglasses.

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