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    Eyeweb offers an extensive range of the best single-vision safety glasses made by globally renowned brands such as 3M, Hilco, Hudson, UVEX, Wiley X & many more. Single Vision lenses are ideal for people who want their glasses to have dedicated lenses for either far or nearsightedness. Feel free to explore an exciting variety of single-vision protective eyewear for your vision correction needs. Branded safety eyewear lets you enjoy comfort, aesthetics & functionality at the same time. On the whole, caring for your eyes is imperative which needs to be done with a pair of high-quality RX Protective Eyeglasses that offer sufficient safety assurance as well as visual acuity. There are many benefits associated with wearing single-vision lenses.


    The Most Affordable Type

    As opposed to progressive or bifocal lenses, single-vision lenses cost a lot less. You can save some valuable cash by opting for a single lens for your eyesight. Multiple vision correction solutions can seem to be an attractive option due to their versatility, however, they can be a bit too burdensome on your pocket. So if you’re someone who’s on a tight budget, this is the go-to option for you. Overall, the single vision option is the most used vision correction lens, accounting for almost 75% of people who wear prescription glasses.


    Gives You The Most Natural View

    Single Vision lenses offer you the most comfortable vision as you don’t need to train your eye to see differently like with progressive or bifocal lenses. Typically, bi-focal lenses have a dividing line that separates the lens into having separate viewing options for far & nearsighted vision. This gives you a ‘jump’ while switching from either vision correction view type. On the other hand, progressive lenses may present a smooth seeing option from all angles without a visible splitting line on the lens. However, it may require some time to get used to switching between different types of views.  


    Polycarbonate Lenses For A Shatter-Proof Protection

    All protective eyewear offered by Eyeweb is ANSI Z87.1 rated. This means that they are made by using polycarbonate which has greater resistance against accidents involving high volume & velocity impact. Polycarbonate is a staple material used in making shatterproof lenses in Prescription Safety Eyewear. They are the hallmark of any glasses that claim to be ANSI compliant & provide a certain level of safety assurance that keeps your eyes intact against any safety hazards.

    Single Vision RX lenses can be easily made in polycarbonate form, which gives you the best of both vision correction & fool-proof protection from any blunt trauma accidents. Polycarbonate is essentially a thermoplastic compound that is ten times stronger than regular plastic or glass. Furthermore, it is also much lightweight which gives you the option to pack up a higher prescription index without worrying about your glasses’ weight. On the whole, Single-vision polycarbonate lenses are the ideal solution when it comes to adding vision correction lenses in Protective Eyewear

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