Metal Safety Glasses

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    Choose from a Wide-Ranging Variety of Metal Safety Glasses

    Metal Safety Glasses are the ideal option for most people due to their durability & aesthetic appearance in terms of sophistication & elegance. You will often find reading glasses to be made out of metal. Moreover, they have become the new chic. Top-drawer brands such as Wiley X offer the WorkSight series, which consists of ANSI-certified eyewear made out of the very same material. Our website hosts tons of eyewear made by leading brands in the industry, thus making it easier for you to choose your favorite eyeglasses.


    What Metallic Frames Bring To the Table

    You get to enjoy an array of benefits by wearing these sturdy frames.

    • Attractive Colors

    Metallic colors have a great shine & a sleek finish and thus are more visually appealing. Conversely, plastic frames may not offer the same level of glistening appearance. Hence, if you simply want an eye accessory that has to be worn as a fashion statement, metal glasses are the way to go.

    • Lightweight Yet Robust

    The very material is also used in Rectangle Safety Glasses, due to being extremely durable yet not being too heavy on your face. It’s a win-win especially if you want something that appears to be so deceptively delicate.

    • Comfort

    Plastic frames often don’t come with any nose pads, which often causes them to slide forward or inadvertently move out of position. However, this is not the case with metal frames which mostly come with plastic or rubberized nose pads for a snug fit. Moreover, people with small noses will find wearing metal frames to be a better option

    • Aesthetics

    There is no other frame material that offers the same level of finish as metallic frames. Although Titanium Safety Glasses may offer the same level of durability, they still lack the smooth, glossy appearance that metal frames have.


    Why ANSI Compliance is Important?

    The hallmark for any safety eyewear is the ANSI Z787.1 compliance to provide the required level of safety assurance against hazards. ANSI compliance is necessary for any eyewear brand that claims to offer shatterproof protection against accidents involving blunt trauma or any other potentially blinding accident. This is because lenses that undergo stringent testing methods are ascertained to have a high impact resistance which makes them almost impervious to hazards such as high-speed projectiles, foreign objects, or splashes of toxic liquid.

    Additionally, if you are working in an environment that encompasses potential risks to your eye health, you are supposed to wear personal protective equipment by law. OSHA recommends that all employees wear ANSI-approved eyewear which is apt to protect against the prevailing hazard types.

    On the whole, choosing protective eyewear while considering its attributes is essential. Metallic frames work best if you are thinking of getting an RX eyewear. Similarly, they come in a variety of sleek, stylish shapes & styles which would easily captivate anyone’s attention. Comfort is another thing that makes them an ideal choice to wear even for long hours.

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