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Perfect Eyewear for Men Who Have Narrow Faces

Perfect Eyewear for Men Who Have Narrow Faces

People who have narrow face shape need prescription safety glasses with a narrow frame. Many people buy any shape of eyeglasses even they have a narrow or small face and always they have to face the problem of sliding eyewear from their face. These glasses seem oversize on such face shape. Smaller fitting frames have many benefits like they look better on the face if anyone has a stronger prescription. Narrow faces cannot go with any frames and won’t complement of a thinner face. Below here, we have described perfect glasses for those guys who have a narrow face.

How Do you know you have Narrow Face Shape?

Let the first start how could you know that you have a small face shape. If you consider, you have a small face shape, it means you have the same width length and width. Suppose you have long face mean your face measurement will be 110 mm to 125 mm then it is narrow. You should avoid wearing Rx safety glasses with oversize chunky frames. For a narrow face, measurement is essential and keep frame width less than 129 mm. Your eyes should be centered in the frames and overall width of glasses must be close to your face. Don’t sweat, from a wide range of eyewear, you can select one of them for your face shape.

Full Rectangle Frame:

Keep the fun change, select a full rectangle frame with a wide variety of material like plastic, wood, or metal. Many branded safety glasses are available in a rectangle shape that is ideal for your lifestyle.

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The Round will also work for you:

The round eyewear will work best for your narrow face shape and will show a wider effect. Rounded glasses are also available in various style and colors but for a professional look, you must stick to a neutral color.

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Regular Half-Rim Frame:

Regular half-rim frames in rectangle frame but look little sleeker and cleaner than full frame

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Mini Curve Frame:

Mini curve frame in a rectangle shape and will work best for those men who have narrow face shape and it is best for all ages and fashion. Such frames are the best combination of modern and classic.

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Oval Frames:

Oval frames are not for all men face shape but are ideal for creative men who want to fashion statement. Many designer prescription glasses are available in oval frames and they budget-friendly that will give you a rock style. From a wide variety of oval frame in many styles and you can also get in a unisex design.

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Ultra-thin Wireframes

If you have a narrow face with an angular feature, with the aid of ultra-thin wireframe, you can balance your such face features. The thin frame seems less apparent on your face. You can get cheap frames for your any prescription with a sleek and simple look that will help to reduce eye strain.

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Advantage of Small Frames Eyewear:

In the past, eyeglasses with small frames were in high demand because they were lighter in wearing and most made of glass material. Today again such frames are coming in a trend and are essential for a strong prescription. Small eyewear frames have narrow lenses with a wide bridge and in case of strong prescription, the thickness of lenses is not noticeable. The thickness of lenses is more apparent in larger frames and your eyes cannot come in the center if you have narrow face shape. Narrow frames of designer RX eyeglasses are better for a fit and performance wit even strong prescription. Now no need to the scanning of children rack of eyewear because as individuals you don’t need to compromise on fashion and style. Everything and anything you can get from anywhere in the world because of fastest and advanced technology.

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