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Top 9 ArmourX Safety Glasses Frames in the USA

Top 9 ArmourX Safety Glasses Frames in the USA


“You are your last line of defense in safety” - Kina Repp


The eyes are a valuable organ of our body, and their protection is crucial for those workers who have a hazardous environment in their work settings. So, either you stick with the digital screen for hours or dealing some tasks of construction sites, grab quality safety glasses with you.

Fine, you are nervous because of no clue how to choose the best safety eyewear for your working environment. Here are the most wanted and trustworthy products for you through the user’s choice. So, scroll down the stylish eyewear and pick out one model for you that fulfills your requirements. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you make knowledgeable decisions, and they will secure your eyes in healthy environments.

Top 9 Armourx Safety Glasses Frames:

1- Armourx 6008:

The Armourx 6008 comes in a wraparound frame with an integrated side shield for the best protection. Besides, it includes a detachable dust bar with ANSI Z87 approval. Keep safe with an excellent model of safety eyewear because of the non-conductive frame. This quality pair of safety glasses has rubber temple tips and nose pads that make the wearer comfortable for long hours. Besides, this prescription-ready frame is available in a few colors like blue, pink, and gray. So, they are best engaging for high-impact sports or other outdoor activities. Keep vision clear and comfortable eyes with the help of side shields. Besides, ditch blurred vision and enhance clarity experience with anti-fog coating.




2- Armourx 6001:

The Armourx 6001 is a model of safety glasses that are a super combination of style and function. Available colors are gray, clear, brown, and black of the plastic frame. They are an excellent safety structure with non-conductive and integrated side shields that are perfect for harsh workplaces. And the plus point is the availability of prescription lenses. These safety spectacles fulfill rigorous safety standards like ANSI Z87.1 and are CSA-certified for optimum safety. So, get a comfortable grip with adjustable temples because you can easily make a snug fit for your face length. Keep your vision clear with quality side shields.




3- Armourx 6009:

Well, Armourx 6009 has a leading role in the industry of safety eyewear. Because they provide frames that are a combination of safety, function, and stylish design. They are available with a one-year warranty to ensure avail better option in case of any defect. Distortion-free vision is the best reward for your investment. Armourx designs are popular due to fashion-world style with impact safety standards and unmatched prices. The available edge colors of this model are clear, brown, gray, and black. Rubber nose pads offer a soft feeling and don’t slip from the nose bridge even in a heavy sweat. So, grab this piece of safety model for your valuable eyes.



4- Armourx 7001:

A rectangle-shaped frame is designed with an acetate frame with ANSI Z87.1 approval. Armourx 7001 safety glasses come with removable side shields for additional safety against dust and debris. The hard coating keeps your lenses safe no matter if you are enjoying your activities at which places. So, don’t bother about scratches that will affect your clear vision. These fashionable safety glasses are suitable for almost all adult faces. An unmatched price is the quality of these impact safety glasses than other competitors. The safety frame is designed with sturdy plastic that stays on your nose even in a heavy sweat. Besides, these safety eyewear frames are available in soft colors like demi amber and black.



5- Armourx 6002:

Throw away your in the dustbin of your old-style eyeglasses and grab new stylish Armourx 6002 safety glasses. Available colors are black, blue, crystal, and pink. Besides, their rigorous standard meets optimum protection. Therefore, non-conductive integrated side shields are perfect for a dangerous workplace. The hard coating will resist any weather threat to the lenses and clear vision. So, experience these first-hand safety glasses in hazardous places. The plus point is you cannot get blurred vision due to foggy lenses while showing your best performance. Such noticeable functions make them ideal safety pairs for many workplaces.



6- Armourx 7000:

Armourx 7000 rectangle-shaped safety glasses are made with cellulose acetate and are the correct size for adult faces. This is an impressive option for Armourx safety glasses due to their fashionable and classic look. So, it is perfectly suitable for those workers who want to enjoy their work with stylish safety. This iconic style offers optimum protection to valuable eyes.

These safety specs have several advantages for multiple indoor tasks. They are effective safety pairs that offer impact protection from harmful artificial digital lights. Black or gray safety frames with clear lenses provide crystal-clear vision, and you cannot disappoint with this safety pair.



7- Armourx 7005:

It's time to change your face shape differently with the safety pairs of Armourx 7005. This stainless steel crafted frame is ideal for a prescription. Such kinds of safety glasses have been known for many years. So, these original-style rectangle eyeglasses are suitable for all adult face shapes. Its nose bridge gives a snug fit to the shallow nose bridge. The digitally designed lenses enhance frame style and save your investment for running a long time. Be ready to look stylish and feel comfortable for wearing several hours. ANSI Z87.1 certification offers an additional protection margin for you.



8- Armourx 6005:

Looking stylish safety pair for rigorous outdoor activities? Armourx 6005 is a wraparound frame design to increase additional safety from the sides of the glasses. The super classic frame has removable straps and a cushion to convert your safety glasses into sunglasses. Grab them because they are perfect for impact tasks when clear vision is crucial. Armourx 6005 gives you a stylish look at competitive prices. So, this safety pair is a superb option for those workers who desire excellent safety on a medium budget. Polycarbonate lenses are the guarantee of qualified safety because they can offer 99% ultraviolet rays safety.




9- Armourx 5001:

Armourx 5001 is a lightweight frame and classic design ideal for indoor workplaces. This is a productive safety pair that offers optimum protection for an entire day. Adjustable nose pads that can fix the height on your nose bridge with which you are comfortable. The sturdy design can withstand harmful particles in different work settings. It is constructed in a way that gives you a clear vision when you need it at your workplace. These safety glasses are versatile and can easily fit over a large head size.  


Buying Guide for Safety Glasses:

Are you interested in shopping for high-quality safety eyeglasses? It is straightforward for you without figuring out your actual need for safety eyewear. First of all, figure out which pair is an ideal match for your requirements. Make the best comparison with these necessary factors and decide which is most suitable for you. Frames are a significant factor for consideration while shopping for safety eyewear frames. It would be better to check frame flexibility from spring hinges and specific materials used for its construction.

For example, let's talk about titanium, a popular material that protects eyeglasses from breaking due to enough flexibility. Besides, it is lightweight and offers a comfortable feeling by wearing them for many hours. Furthermore, this material is perfect if you frequently put on and remove your glasses for reading purposes. Most people choose plastic frames due to their lightweight and have plenty of options for shapes, colors, styles, finishing, and patterns. Although metal is a little weightier than plastic frames, it is popular due to its durability. Metal frames can regain their shape after little maintenance. But plastic frames cannot return their original figure after breaking.

Stainless steel is also another impressive option due to its lightweight and durability. Another reason for its popularity is its affordability and claim for hypoallergenic behaviors. Besides, aluminum is not a bad option if you choose this material. Aluminum material is an excellent option because it is lightweight and sturdy for wear. This material is the best option for those people who have nickel allergies. So, choose the frame material with which you are comfortable or can get maximum advantages for prescription eyewear. Pick out the frame that can complement your overall personality and prevent you from discomfort.

A lens treatment includes the best coating and tints. This factor is also suggestible for your option if you are well aware of the lens coatings and lens tints. It is noticeable that every lens tint is used for a specific objective. One lens tint is not suitable to utilize for different activities. All these options are satisfactory to the substitute of clear lenses for different work settings. There is another situation you are partially involved in indoor or outdoor assignments. For these situations, adopt photochromic lenses because they function well in two different light settings. They can change their tint shade from clear to dark when coming out with intensely bright light. Well, this option is most suitable for the situation of replacement lenses.

Lens coating is also a necessary consideration because it helps to increase the endless versatility and nature of your lenses. Among many options for the coating category, scratch-resistance and anti-fog coating are compulsory. These coatings are beneficial for almost all users. Apply the anti-fog coating if you are regularly in contact with the extreme temperature or humidity environment at your workplace.

What About the Fit, Function, and Fashionable of Safety Glasses?

Perfect fitting, function, and super styles also impact your purchasing decision for safety glasses. However, it can be complicated to find out all factors in one set of safety pairs. For example, you find out top-rated pair of safety eyewear, but proper fitting and style category can be weakening. Desire to avail an ideal balance between these three factors, go with wraparound design eyeglasses with plenty of color options. Never compromise functionality and perfect fitting on style if you need to use safety glasses for long hours. Apart from these factors, approach a comprehensive eye exam before shopping for safe eyewear. This will help you to avail most updated script, and you will be well aware of vision-related vision issues.

Approach a professional eye specialist who is enough qualified to prescribe you the right lens option. Lens prescription is too much essential because it can impact your vision requirement. For example, in case of dry eyes or cataract issues, a doctor can suggest an exact solution according to eye health. Due to these specific conditions, you need an accurate prescription for safety eyewear while shopping for them. A comprehensive eye exam is also necessary to choose perfect lenses and safety frames. So that accurate features can help you improve the vision base of the exact measurement that is most suitable to you. Besides, an optometrist should take proper assessments about distance or reading and calculate which frame is appropriate for your vision needs.

How to Maintain Your Safety Glasses?

No doubt, prescription safety eyewear is more expensive than a thousand dollars. And some of them have plastic lenses that can easily scratch than glass lenses. Therefore, secure your investment with daily maintenance and good take care. So that they sustain their quality and condition in good form. To secure your investment for an extended period, make a habit clean your glasses regularly. For this purpose, use some detergent and lukewarm water. Soft microfiber cloth is an ideal option for drying or cleaning your eyeglasses as it avoids scratching lenses. Apart from cleaning, storing them in a hard case can protect them from unexpected accidents.

For storing your safety glasses, keep your eyeglasses in a way the face of the lenses should be in an upward direction. For removing or putting on eyeglasses, always use two hands because they will make the best direction to wear on your eyes. Besides, avoid putting on the head as they are made for eye protection and vision correction, not for the head. These little cares will prevent frames from being misaligned. Apart from the best lens cleaning, they cannot offer you clear vision if they don't have alignment. Avoid wiping out your dry lenses because it can lead to scratches on lenses. This is because dry cloth doesn’t remove dust and debris from lenses, and it causes some scratches on the surface of lenses.

Avoid applying towels, tissues, or paper napkins for cleaning purposes. Moreover, keep your lenses away from bleach, cleaner, ammonia, and cleaner because they can damage your lenses. And even these products can prove harmful for essential coatings over lenses if they have. By following these simple tips, you get more chances to enjoy and secure your heavy investment for an extensive period.

Best Rewards of Safety Glasses:

Eye injuries often occur due to inappropriate eye safety or even no protection at all at working workplace. Most people don’t realize the importance of safety gear for hazardous workplaces. You can shield your eyes through proper covering like protective eyewear. Several reasons prove the essential need for safety eyewear for rigorous work settings. First of all, protective eyewear is the best tool to protect your eyes from foreign particles that can float around your eyes. Besides, these floating particles are enough to hurt your vision, and they are almost at all places in a different form. Some professions contain high risks like mining, plumbing, maintenance, and construction. Pollen, dust, wood, and small dirt particles can frustrate your eyes and sometimes lead to long-lasting hurt.

Another advantage of safety eyewear is to prevent major accidents. These accidents can occur due to fumes, chemical splashes, wood chips, and burning. These spreading substances can absorb unnoticeably into the eyes and can scratch them. Besides, sometimes you can come across permanent blindness even with a minor injury. UV protection is a mandatory factor, and every user needs adequate protection from harmful radiation. Long hours working in the sunlight can hurt delicate eye tissues. Many uncovered workers don’t consider regular eye exams and consult an eye doctor if working under harsh sunlight for long hours. A comprehensive eye exam prevents many diseases like cancer or multiple sclerosis.

Wearing appropriate safety spectacles prevents users from computer vision syndrome. CVS is the cause of staring at a computer screen for an extended time without suitable eye protection. Workers can suffer dry eyes, blurred vision, and digital eye strain if they don’t use safety glasses. Many users do not know harmful glare due to computer screens which leads to digital eye strain. Wearing appropriate protective eyewear with an anti-reflect coating can help users to keep away from these discomforts. In the olden days, when technology was a child, there was no improvement in eyewear. That’s why people are reluctant to wear those bulky shape eyeglasses in dangerous work settings. But today, technology has grown beyond expectations, and you have enough options in plenty of fields.

Prescription safety glasses are designed in a most comfortable shape and an attractive look. Besides, they are constructed as per individual requirements for a specific environment. Now included options are removable foam, interchangeable lenses, tinted lenses, wraparound frames, colored frames, and much more. Even eyewear frames allow you to insert required prescription lenses for a clear view.

What is the Need to Wear Safety Eyeglasses?       

Through many types of research, it has proved numerous employers get eye injuries per annum. Most of them occurred in inappropriate or inadequate safety eye gear at working workplace. Many eye injuries lead to permanent blindness after spending massive investments for treatment.

Therefore, workers and employers must realize the importance of safety glasses for eye protection. Safety eyewear is a simple tool to shield workers' eyes from unexpected dangers at the workplace. A few significant rewards of safety glasses are as follows;

  •   Offer high-grade UV protection       
  •   Provide high-quality defense against dust and debris
  •  Avoid blurring vision, dizziness, dry eyes, eye-watering, and headache
  •  Offer first-class safety from harmful fluids and numerous chemicals
  •  Provide first-grade protection against risky rays emit from electronic devices

Furthermore, protective eyewear does not have one purpose to shield eyes from sudden injuries. They provide the best defense against small flying particles in the air to avoid major accidents. Loss of visibility means preparing for accidents. So, there are numerous advantages to wearing safety glasses whether you have an indoor worksite or outdoor setting.


Who Should Use Safety Glasses?

Safety eyeglasses are not related to one field because they are compulsory for all frontline workers who are exposed to hazardous work status. Now safety eyewear is also available in prescription lenses, and this is a significant facility for regular wearers.

What are the best features of Safety Glasses?

However, safety glasses are generally chemical-resistant, scratch-resistant, dustproof, and impact-resistant. Therefore, they are used for a variety of tasks.

How are safety glasses different from Regular Glasses?

However, safety glasses look like traditional glasses. But the main difference is their manufacturing process and material. Cheap materials are used in the manufacturing of typical eyeglasses. So, they are not impact protected to use for hazardous work. Polycarbonate material is used in safety eyeglasses that can resist any impact threat.


Although, choosing the best pair of safety eyewear according to your requirement is challenging among numerous available products. Surprisingly, it is super easy to purchase safety glasses from an online source or the nearest physical store if you keep remembering a few factors. Hopefully, the above-listed information will help you to deal hard part of shopping with easy steps. Wearing a quality pair of safety eyewear is compulsory for those workers who are part of an industrial environment. Besides, they are also super ideal for users who have refractive issues.

Nowadays, available safety pairs have a feature to adjust all prescription lenses. So, the above-compiled list of top-rated Armourx safety glasses is for you because it is made after several positive rewards from many users. After reviewing them, you can buy them according to your convenience. There are massive stocks of protective glasses in the eyewear market. All of them are appropriate for different tasks due to certain features. Of course, they have numerous advantages over typical eyeglasses. So, keep remembering these facts and points before experiencing the fun shopping.

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