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Top UV Protective Safety Glasses To Shop In 2022

Top UV Protective Safety Glasses To Shop In 2022

Whether you work at a job that packs a lot of heat or outdoors in the sun, chances are you’re your eyes are getting exposed to UV (Ultraviolet) rays on a daily basis. Most people employed in jobs involving construction, welding, refineries, mining or any other similar industrial jobs would require proper protection against UV rays, that can come from either man-made sources like machines or rays emitted by the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to a number of irreversible eye conditions later on. Hence, it makes every bit of sense to wear high-grade RX protective eyewear that offers the required level of safety assurance.


Think Polycarbonate Lenses

It’s a no brainer that UV rays can induce great damage to your eyes. Long term effects of U rays are cataracts & macular degeneration, both of which can cause permanent blindness. Hence, one must always opt for glasses that provide protection against them whether you’re working indoors or outdoors. In either case, you need to get glasses with polycarbonate lenses.


Polycarbonate material provides a hundred percent protection against UV A & B types of rays. Almost all high-quality PPE vendors such as Wiley X Safety Glasses have lenses made out of polycarbonate material. Moreover, the very material helps in providing ten times greater durability than normal plastic or glass. This is why most glasses with polycarbonate lenses are guaranteed to provide shatterproof protection.


In the same vein, here are some of the top eyeglasses that are perfectly apt for enjoying complete protection against UV rays.


Top UV Protection Safety Glasses

  • 3M ZT200

3M ZT200 brings you the best of both visual acuity & cutting edge safety features that come in a wraparound shape. The best thing about these glasses is that you don’t need an additional pair of side shields as the frame already covers sufficient area that surrounds your eyes.


Just like all other 3M glasses, these guarantee complete UV protection and are ideal for anyone working in an industrial environment where some aspect of radiation prevails. You can even add prescription lenses if necessary for vision correction purposes. Doing so will give you a superior optical experience with a crisp visual acuity coupled with safety assurance. Although the default lenses come with a clear tint for maximum light transmission, you can always get a tinted pair for your own suitability. Overall, these glasses are perfect for both indoor & outdoor purposes.


  • Wiley X Saint

This half-rimmed eyewear is an easy favorite for people who work or spend the majority of their time outdoors. Wiley X Saint combines safety aspects with stylish looks thus making it a fashion accessory that is extremely durable against any high impact accidents. No matter how harsh the conditions are, Wiley X Saint will always be your reliable eye accessory to provide the best optical experience possible on the go. The glasses come with polarized green lenses that are guaranteed to provide a hi-definition view & an enhanced color contrast. More so, it provides the perfect amount of light transmission to view in bright, sunny conditions without any discomfort.


You probably won’t be needing any other pair when you have Wiley Saint as your go-to eyeglasses. Overall, these are ideal for providing protection against UV rays in sunlight.

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