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    Enjoy Cutting Edge Sports Glasses by Renowned Brands 

    Sports glasses are an essential accessory for professional athletes & those who spend the majority of their time outdoors for recreation. Eyeweb offers a wide-ranging variety of sporty eyewear for every sports enthusiast which ensures high-impact resistance besides making you look like a million dollars. Our website lets you explore & shop your favorite sporty eyewear from globally renowned brands. This gives you the option to choose from a huge assortment of safety eyewear which you can easily while engaging in sports or any other outdoor activity.


    High-Grade Protection That Is Reliable

    Whenever you step out in the sun, your eyes are put at risk of getting injured due to various hazards. Sports eyewear by Wiley X protects your sight against any outdoor threats such as debris, dust, projectiles, or foreign objects which otherwise can easily induce irreversible damage. It easily is a popular choice among professionals who don’t want their glasses to adversely affect their performance.

    On the other hand, your regular sunglasses often don’t provide you with the required level of safety assurance needed for all-around protection. Any eyewear that should act as a bulwark against hazards must have a variety of features that set it apart from other glasses. To ensure that your eyewear offers the required degree of protection, it must be ANSI-approved. This means an ANSI Z787.1 certification is mandatory for any eyewear that claims to have shatterproof robustness against any high volume or velocity impacts.


    Sporty Aesthetics That Simply Turn Heads

    Enthusiasts & athletes care about how they look while performing in any activity. Not only should your glasses be excellent in functionality but they must have a visual appeal to them as well. Wiley X eyewear’s signature wraparound shape makes them a viable choice for anyone who wants to always look sharp on the go. The very shape is also available in Safety Goggles offered by Wiley X. Besides aesthetics, it also increases your peripheral vision thus enabling you to see better & offering protection to a greater part of your face.

    3M is another brand that offers wraparound shape in their glasses which can easily be sported as your favorite sports eye accessory.


    RX Ready Eyewear For Visual Acuity

    Average sunglasses don’t give you the feature to add RX lenses for people who have to wear vision corrective lenses. Top brands such as 3M & Wiley X let you glaze prescription lenses in your eyewear thus offering you the best of both visual acuity & high-end durability. This makes them an ideal solution for anyone who wants to experience crystal clear vision along with protection for their eyes. 3M BX readers come with effective Bifocals Lenses for reading any fine print & viewing objects at a distance simultaneously.


    Lens Coating For Enhanced Protection & View

    Wiley X’s very own T-Shell Anti-Scratch coating ensures that your glasses last longer than average by adding a layer on the lens surface to act as a bulwark against any abrasions or scratches.

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