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Upgrade Your Sports Glasses on This Sports Eye Safety Month

Upgrade Your Sports Glasses on This Sports Eye Safety Month


Numerous people go hiking and one of the important items on their list is glasses. Several items protect your body such as wearing knee pads and a good layer of clothing. However, when it comes to the eyes, there are not a ton of things that offer protection. However, now that it is sports eye safety month, some revolution needs to follow up to encourage eyewear for people who do sports. This is why Eyeweb has come forth and is giving customers a chance to look at their marvelous collection of sports safety glasses.


Companies are now supposed to know and give justice to those who want to wear protective glasses when they are doing sports. It is a ruthless fact that companies tend to keep with them that people who are into sports do not need glasses because they can lower their vision. This brings a contradiction to their visibility of glasses. Now that the world is changing, just like the different types of clothing, there are different sets of glasses that people can avail. One of them now is for sports.


The Things You Need To Know About Sports Glasses 


In the dedication of the sports eye safety month, Eyeweb will be presented with numerous different sports sunglasses that you can look into. However, if you are new to doing sports activities then you will need to know about some of the characteristics regarding them so that you are picking the best one. Whereas, on the other hand, people who already do sports know what they are looking for when it comes to sports safety glasses. You can find numerous elements in these glasses because they are made to protect the eyes while being durable.


One thing that you should keep in mind is that these glasses are made for all the different types of sports that you will come across. Hence, if you just buy one of them, you will be able to use them all the time during any activity or sport that you are doing. Moreover, these glasses have a ton of different features that you will need to look into. That is because Eyeweb has made them specifically for sports which is why it involves different elements.




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The Unique Elements 


People who do not wear many glasses might not know a ton about all the different options that they can choose from when it comes to the material of the frame and lenses. In any glasses, the main thing that should be considered is the lenses. That is because they will merely be the ones to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and other rays as well. Hence, as a customer, you need to be keen when purchasing glasses. For sports safety glasses, you want the lenses to be lightweight, scratch-free, durable, and polarized.


When it comes to the frame of the glasses, it would be better if the frame of these glasses were a bit heavy so that they could stay put. They need to be bulky, durable, strong, and also fashionable. If you are neutral about having a design on glasses then that is okay as well. However, if you want a great design for your glasses then you will surely be able to find a ton of them on Eyeweb. Glasses are for protecting your eyes but, they also need to be attractive.


The Rundown of Different Lens Material 


Lenses have different stages and each one is required to have a good understanding of the customer as well as the manufacturer. By understanding the different layers of lenses, you will be able to determine which one works for you and suits your sports style the best as well.


  1.  Polarized vs non-polarized


Polarized glasses are those that work to reduce glare from all different bright lights by reflecting surfaces and also increasing the contrast just a bit. Hence, what these do is enable a person to see clearly in bring light without having them struggle to look around to reduce the glare. One way of checking if the lenses are polarized is by wearing them in bright light and seeing if you find a glare. Whereas, another way is to use an LCD screen. Therefore, polarized lenses are better than non-polarized ones. If you are someone who does a ton of sports or activities when the sun is out then these will best fit you even if you are fishing during the daytime.


  1.  Lightwave Glass 


These offer clarity while being scratch-resistant. Numerous layers are added to lenses which is something that most people don’t know. Therefore, this glass makes your vision clear and it also does not mark any scratches on the lenses. This type of glass is mainly used in cameras but now, manufacturers transformed that material to be suitable for glasses as well.


  1.  Polycarbonate lenses


These are thinner than normal plastic lenses which give you the first benefit of not being heavy. As a sportsman, you must get to know about polycarbonate lenses so that you can ensure that your glasses have them. They help in blocking out all the harmful UV rays as well as sun rays. Not only that but, they are also more impact-resistant than any other lenses. Polycarbonate is much thinner than any other glasses but, they do have some weight to it. Moreover, polycarbonate is available in several different lenses as well which divide their way out.


  1.  Trivex lenses


Some people do not differentiate between polycarbonate lenses and Trivex lenses because they find them the same. However, some differences are there between them. Some people might be affected by them and some might not. Trivex lenses are not as thin as polycarbonate lenses. They are a bit thick but, they are lighter in weight than the polycarbonate lenses. These produce a sharper vision than the polycarbonate lenses. Moreover, the trivex lenses have the same amount of blockage from harmful UV rays as the polycarbonate lenses.


Find Out the Colored Lens That Would Suit You Best


Customers normally think that color is added to glasses to be more attractive. However, there is an important role that is played by the color of the lenses that you choose. Different colors react to different things. Therefore, when you will be going to buy sports safety glasses from Eyeweb, ensure that you are picking the right color out of all the options they provide you with.


  1.  Green Mirror 


Green mirrored glasses will be most commonly seen when it comes to prescription sports sunglasses. That is because the color enhances the vision and also increases the contrast. Therefore, if your most like sport is fishing, then this color will be able to give you a clear vision of the sea and you will be able to catch fish better. It has a copper base to it which has a 10% light transmission. Therefore, this means that you can use this color even when it is bright outside in the full glowing sun and it will still do you justice.



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  1.   Gray Silver Mirror


This color is used on the less athletic side but, several sportsmen do use this color. This is great for everyday activities where you are going to go fishing or if you are playing basketball. As it is a gray color, the base of it will be gray as well and this also has a 10% light transmission. You can use this for day-to-day activities as well as while you are playing sports. It reduces glare as well. Hence, if you are someone looking for glasses that can be used for double purposes then this color is beneficial.




  1.  Blue Mirror


The blue mirror is known to be the best for activities that take upon the water. Hence, it can be anything from fishing to surfing and this color will work best. It has a gray base which adds some elements of the gray mirror to blue. Moreover, it can be used under the harsh glowing sun as well if you work around the water on sunny days. This clears out your vision making you see the ocean better and perform well.




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  1.  Copper


You will notice the color copper more in people who take car racing as an activity and sport. This color has a 12% light transmission making it a great choice to use when it comes to driving. It cuts the glare perfectly from numerous situations. Glare is not only caused by being in bright light or under the sun. It has numerous reasons and this color reduces glare in different situations. It is versatile and you can also use it when days are cloudy to have a clear vision.



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  1.  Sunrise Silver Mirror


If your sports activity takes place at dusk then you should go for these colored glasses. This is the perfect color that will help you see in the dusk and dawn and it will also increase your performance. Moreover, this color has the highest light transmission which is 25%. Therefore, activities that you want to achieve during the sunrise or the sunset you will be able to do with the help of this color.



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The Perfect-Fitted Glasses


When you are doing sports and you are wearing glasses that do not fit you properly, it is obvious that they will keep falling off and getting in your way. Eventually, you are going to get annoyed by them and might throw them away out of anger. Therefore, it is always best that you find those glasses that work best for you and fit you right. After looking at all the major elements, this is one you need to ensure of too. You can always get a custom fit but, getting glasses that adjust to your size naturally is more beneficial. They are usually more stretchy so they last a really good time.

The best thing about Eyeweb is that all of its prescription sports glasses are made to best fit everyone. They have some special features that allow them to mold into your custom size. The measurements of almost all sports glasses are the same and they have a great fit for whoever buys them. Hence, there is nothing that you need to worry about when it comes to getting the right fitted glasses. The frame of these glasses is big and bulky which will give you a secure feel. Moreover, almost all of these glasses have a wrap-around feature as well which helps the glasses fit the size of your head.


Enjoy the Comfort of Your Glasses


While doing sports, if your glasses have some metal or plastic piece sticking out then that will surely hurt you in one way or another. Therefore, you need to get those glasses that have a good seal around their edges and the frame so that your eyes are secure. Therefore, the glasses that Eyeweb offers have the best comfort level that they can give you. Hence, when you take a look at their glasses, you will find some amazing rubber built-in nose pads that will help the glasses stay in place. As they are made of rubber, they will stay right where you want them to be during your sports activity.

Moreover, these glasses also have a well-curved temple. This helps in the glasses staying where you want them to as well. Hence, there are things added to these to ensure that they are giving their best performance. Moreover, it is a natural thing for a person to sweat when they are doing sports. Therefore, there are elements that Eyewe has installed in their glasses to have a good source of ventilation. Hence, the ventilation allows airflow through some of the pieces of the frame which helps you cool down when you are playing sports. This also reduces fog when you are doing sports.


Final Words:

Sports safety glasses can provide the perfect vision you need for any sports you love. Sports lovers have now plenty of options available to get prescription and safety glasses for sports with ease.

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